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HQ - Infinity
HQ - Infinity
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $218.00
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
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    The new Infinity from HQ
    All the new school tricks & cutting edge precision!

    The Infinity is HQ's all new release in the high end stunt kite market.   The Infinity will take your kite flying to the next level with beautifully sculpted slack line tricks that will make you gaze in awe.   The Infinity is capable of doing all the new school tricks including roll-up style maneuvers, comete, jacobs ladders, wap doo wap's, crazy copters, slot machines and more!

    The Infinity comes with a pre-installed movable spine weight that can be precision adjusted to the pilots taste, center adjustable leach line, wrapped snag-free leading edges, detailed nose and mylar reinforcement in all the right places.   Our initial tests of this awesome kite went from tossing the kite in the air to see what it could do; to arguing over who could be next to fly this awesome machine.   The Infinity from HQ will impress the best of pilots with its easy handed maneuvers but is still forgiving enough for the intermediate pilot looking to expand his/her trick arsenal.   The Infinity from HQ is a forgiving kite that works with the pilot and is very easy to connect with.

    The Infinity and Infinity Vented is designed by Michael Koopmann and comes competition ready for amazing trick oriented flight, coupled with incredible precision.   The Infinity is simple to handle.   After only a short acclimatization, the pilot gets the feeling of being one with the Infinity.   All known tricks are possible.   The sideslides are endless, the basics elegant and majestic.   Back and wrap tricks are the speciality and wether it is backspins, jacob's ladder, fades, lazy susans, lateral rolls, or yo-yo's: the Infinity executes with ease and high controllability.   Many kites make claims like these but the Infinity definitely delivers.

    • Adjustable tail weight:
      With the exterior weight-trim system, pilots can adjust the Infinity to their individual tastes. Most tricks are a cinch even without the weight system but can be done effortlessly with the weight installed.
    • Multi-adjustable Bridle:
      The bridle has customized adjustment pigtails at all three connection points, making it possible to tune the Infinity for any situation or style of performance. Adjust the outhauls for better precision & tracking or adjust the uppers for lighter / stronger winds.
    • Integrated Trailing Edge Tensioning System:
      The trailing edge is tightened by a leach line pulled into the seam and tensioned with bungees on the back of the kite at the center spine, making it super simple to adjust the leach lines evenly. Loosen up the lines to help slow the kite down and give the kite a nice low rumble sound or tighten the leach lines for quieter flying and better light wind performance.
    • Wrapped Carbon Frame for strength.
    • Covered Leading Edges
    • Pre-installed Yo-Yo stoppers
    • Molded nose for snag free performance
    • Mylar reinforcement on all major stress points
    • Snag free bridle system
    • Kite includes Kite, extendable storage bag with extra mesh storage pocket and instructional manual. Lines sold separately.
    Model: Standard

    Wind Range
    Sail Material

    247cm - 97"
    8.8 ft. wingspan
    96cm - 38"
    Mylar Reinforced
    Skyshark / Dynamic
    Model: Vented

    Wind Range
    Sail Material

    247cm - 97"
    8.8 ft. wingspan
    96cm - 38"
    Mylar Reinforced
    Skyshark / Dynamic

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