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Q Power Leader Line
Q Power Leader Line
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $0.00
    Shipping Weight: 0.10 pounds
    Q-Power Leader Line
    1500lb test:
    1 Foot - $1.20
    75' Spool - $79.00

    Leader Line Pro
    2000lb test:
    1 Foot - $1.80
    75' Spool - $89.00

    Q-Power Leaderline is sold by the spool or by the foot.   Select which type of leader line you need and then enter in the amount.

    If you are purchasing a spool, select the line you need and enter in the total number of 75 foot spools you wish to purchase.   If you are purchasing by the foot, select the line you need and then enter in how many feet you wish to purchase.

    Q-Power Professional Leader Line

    Leader lines are used as extension lines on a kitesurfing bar to protect the flyer from comming in contact with their potentially dangerous flying lines.   Leader lines are thicker and provide some protection against the flyer getting tangled or cut by their flying lines.   The outside leader lines also provide the flyer with a relatively safe line to grab when they need to pull their kite around after it has landed nose down in the water.

    Q-LeaderLine from PowerLine Sports is as big an innovation to leader line as Q-PowerLine is to the line market.   Made from 100% Spectra fiber, utilizing a modification of the technology used to create Q-PowerLine.   Available in two configurations Standard and Pro.

    Standard Q-LeaderLine utilities a linear Spectra fiber core just like Q-PowerLine, however the overbraid is made from encapsulated spectra fiber providing superior wear resistance.   Q-LeaderLine-Pro includes an internal neoprene core for added flotation and to provide a better and safer grip for the outside leader lines on your bar.   Both lines come with a high visibility black and yellow overbraid.

    • Q-LeaderLine-Pro 2000 lb. (907 kg), sold in 75ft (23 m) spools or by the foot.

    • Q-LeaderLine 1500 lb. (680 kg), sold in 75 ft (23 m)spools or by the foot.

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