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Revolution - Classic Night
Revolution - Classic Night
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $199.00
    Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
    Select Model:
    Add A Lineset:
      Race Frame Upgrade (add $30.00)
      No Snag Handle Upgrade (add $30.00)

    A Wind Of Change Kites is one of the leading dealers for Revolution and because of our volume, we are able to offer an exclusive color combination Classic kite for our customers.   Thats right!   A Classic Revolution in custom, never-before seen colors!

    NEW UPGRADES on all Revolution Classic models:
    All new Classic models including our NIGHT! now come with Revolution's patented Reflex Technology!  Reflex gives your Revolution controls like never before with added edge flight control and even dead launching!  All Classics also have sail improvements including tucked leading edges to prevent fraying, trailing edge detail to improve flight and control and even mylar wear strips installed from the leading edge to the trailing edge wing tips under the vertical spar to prevent sail wear.  The Classic is just like the old outdated B-Series but with integrated improvements usually only found on custom pro sails!

    So whats up in the NIGHT!
    While in the Mojave Desert, many of our customers love to fly at night when the temperatures are cooler, the problem we were having with the older outdated B-Series Revs is the sails were mostly darker colors which made them difficult to see at night, so....we talked to Revolution and they worked with our store to bring out a special "Night" version series kite that will brighten up any late night fly and is not only super sexy looking at night, it looks absolutely awesome during the daytime!   This special version of the Classic Revolution is only available from A Wind Of Change Kites - but don't worry, we are selling these special custom Classic kites at the exact same price as the standard edition Classic models!

    This special edition kite comes packaged complete just like the original with new Reflex frame set and two additional replacement spars, special pre-knotted handles, the advanced flying Revlex Series DVD, kite and storage bag....all for the SAME PRICE as the normal Classic kites!

    This special edition is available in standard, mid vent and full vent versions for complete customization for any wind conditions.

    KITE ONLY package includes the Classic kite, kite sleeve and one frame of your choice, default is the 3 wrap frame for the standard and mid-vent, 4 wrap frame for the Vented.

    SAIL ONLY includes ONLY the sail with bridle and end caps. SAIL ONLY does NOT include any frames, handles, lines, accessories or storage sleeve.

    For custom packages or other options, contact us directly via e-mail or phone and we can work out your special packaging options.

    We can customize your revolution with any frame combination including the new Race frame.

    If upgrading to the new Race Frame, we will substitute the included leading edge for the Race leading edge for an additional $30.00.  The vertical rods will remain the same so you can still enjoy the new Reflex Technology.  Race rods do not have the Reflex tech included on them so they are not upgraded.  Additional standard Race rods are available for purchase separately.

    Custom B-Series Baressi closeup picture
    custom baressi night version
    Custom Baressi Revolution

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