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Revolution - B2
Revolution - B2
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $339.00
    Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
    Select Color:
    Select Model:
    Mid Vent
    Full Vent
      Kite Only $239.00
      Race Rod Upgrade (add $30.00)
      Sail Only - no bag, frame or accessories. $199.00


    The Revolution B2, all the control of the Barresi Series in a fun and exiting size!

    Utilizing the same design characteristics as the John Barresi Signature Series, the B2 was made in a slightly different size than Revolutions classic Rev II making it quicker and even more responsive than it's larger B-Series siblings; with all the same performance aspects, refined inputs and a great deal more speed... Revolutions design department worked closely with John to bring everything that made his original series so popular into this small and explosive package.

                    "Small, fast and agile, the B2 just leaves me giggling to myself with its nearly auto-completing flic flacs and axels... One hit that would give me a single on axel on the 1.5 B-Series sends this bad boy into double axels half the time, sideways flic-flacs are easier than ever, and it's so responsive that I've really found an opportunity to further refine my control! And for short line flying...? Oh yeah! This kite is so easy to move around, 3D catch and throw flying is a breeze."

            - John Barresi


    The new B2 with an Icarex sail, includes both the 2 wrap and 3 wrap frames with 3-piece leading edges. The standard B2 package covers a wide wind range and provides the same type of versatility you've come to love in the original B-Series; with adjustable leaders for tuning just the way you like it, 11 inch handles (larger than the original Rev II) for more control and sail paneling which still accommodates the standard, mid-vent and vented sail configurations in matching color arrangements.

    The B2 is also ideal for stacking, with its reduced sail area and increased performance; it makes handling in a stack easier than ever and looks absolutely gorgeous whether it's in the sky or simply on ground display.

    Race Frame Upgrade:

    The original package comes with a complete 2 wrap and 3 wrap frame.   Select the Race Frame Upgrade Option to replace the 3 wrap frame for the new optional B2 Race frame for an additional $30.00.   We can create custom frame pacakges for you as well.   Contact us if you need special frame configurations.

    Standard B2 Packaging comes complete, Ready-To-Fly with:

    • B2 Series Kite
    • Durable kite storage sleeve
    • 11" Stainless Steel Handles with adjustable knot system
    • Barresi Advanced Flying training DVD
    • Laser Pro Gold 90lb. x 80 ft. Quad Lineset
    • Instruction manual

    KITE ONLY package includes the B2 kite, kite sleeve and one frame of your choice, default is the 3 wrap frame for the standard and mid-vent, 4 wrap for the vented..

    SAIL ONLY includes ONLY the sail with bridle and end caps. SAIL ONLY does NOT include any frames, handles, lines, accessories or storage sleeve.

    For custom packages or other options, contact us directly via e-mail or phone and we can work out your special packaging options.

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