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HQ - Beamer V
HQ - Beamer V
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $256.00
    Select Size:
    2.0 Meter
    3.0 Meter (add $28.00)
    4.0 Meter (add $66.00)
    5.0 Meter (add $114.00)


    The all new Beamer V from HQ kites is the perfect kite for anyone getting into the awesome sport of power kite flying.   The Beamer 5 is the fifth generation beamer and comes with a totally new profile and performance standard.   Designed for the beginner power kite flyer, the Beamer V is exceptionally stable but also increases in power and performance as the pilots experience improves.   This is the perfect kite to grow with.

    The Beamer V's all new profile is a huge step in performance over previous models.   Improved acceleration and better control over brake line input makes this kite the ultimate all-rounder power kite.   With its simplified bridle construction and low aspect ratio, the HQ Beamer V is an easy kite to control and every size comes complete, ready to fly!

    If you have never flown a kite and want to fly one without the hassle of difficult control yet with the performance and controllability for buggying and landboarding - this HQ Beamer 5 (V) is the perfect kite for you!

    The HQ Beamer 5 (V) is a high quality 5th generation design from the market leaders in Buggy / Power kites.

    • Easy Handling - very easy to control.   Even when flying the kite on 4-lines you can still easily steer it like a 2-line kite (left / right).   This is great for kite flyers who want to get into 4-line flying or like a more easy to use 4-line kite with no surprises.
    • Consistant Power - making it easy for those less experienced to get going on a landboard or in a buggy.   After steering the kite down into the wind - you dont really need to work the kite because it keeps pulling with constant power.
    • Constant Flying Speed - very predictable flying behavior.   The HQ Beamer 5 (V) does not suddenly accelerate and the flying speed as well as the turning is predictable, which is ideal for people who are starting off buggying or landboarding.
    • Stability - a very stable foil so you are not focusing on keeping your kite in the air, but simply having more time for pure fun on land, in a buggy or landboarding.
    • Low Aspect Ratio - for easy handling and predictable flying behavior in a wide range of wind conditions.
    • Specially Designed Profile - with a relatively strong pull over a large segment of the wind window.
    • Improved Acceleration and Control Over the Brakes - allows you to increase the power and performance of the kite as your skills improve.
    • Dirt-Outs - in the wing-tips and integrated channels througout the interior of the kite allows you to easily clean debris from the kite.
    • Stitched and Pre-Stretched Bridle Lines - for even better performance
    • Complete Package - comes with everything you need to start flying, including kite, bag, pre-stretched and stitched high strength dyneema flying lines, HQ color coded control handles, Kite Killer wrist leash safety system, heavy duty ground stake with sleeve and full color instruction manual.
    Flat Area (m2/sqm)
    Flat Span (cm/ft.)
    Height (cm/ft.)
    Flat AR
    Wind (Bft.)
    Dyneema Line Set
    Line Length
    Control System
    269 / 8.8ft.
    89 / 2.92ft.
    10-61 km/h
    6-38 mph

    200/100 kp
    485/220 lb.

    4 x 20 Meter
    4 x 66 ft.
    Quad Handles
    329 / 10.79ft.
    109 / 3.58ft.
    6-49 km/h
    4-31 mph

    220/100 kp
    485/220 lb.

    4 x 25 Meter
    4 x 85 ft.
    Quad Handles
    380 / 12.47ft.
    126 / 4.13ft.
    6-44 km/h
    4-27 mph

    220/100 kp
    485/220 lb.

    4 x 25 Meter
    4 x 85 ft.
    Quad Handles
    424 / 13.91ft.
    141 / 4.63ft.
    6-38 km/h
    4-24 mph

    220/100 kp
    485/220 lb.

    4 x 25 Meter
    4 x 85 ft.
    Quad Handles
    Available Colors.

    One color per size.
    2.0 Meter Beamer 4 power kite from HQ
    3.0 Meter Beamer 4 power kite from HQ
    4.0 Meter Beamer 4 power kite from HQ
    5.0 Meter Beamer 4 power kite from HQ

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