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HQ - Toxic Power Kite by HQ Kites
HQ - Toxic Power Kite by HQ Kites
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $299.99
    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
    Select Size:
    2.0 Meter
    3.0 Meter (add $50.00)
    4.0 Meter (add $100.00)
    5.0 Meter (add $150.00)
    6.5 Meter (add $200.00)
    8.0 Meter (add $250.00)


    The Toxic from HQ is a breakthrogh in design.   With a higher aspect profile for faster performance and more lift, the Toxic remains stable and easy to control in challenging conditions.

    The Toxic is designed with speed and performance as the primary goal.   As a buggy engine, the Toxic delivers, able to provide excellent speed and power while still giving you stability and predictability.   More stable than the high performance race foils, the Toxic delivers speed with comfort, knowing that you can still reach awesome speeds without having to constantly worry about where your kite is and what it will do when a gust comes up.

    The Toxic is available in striking bold colors and a deluxe technical back pack.   One color per size helps keep the cost at an affordable price while letting you know exactly what size is being flown.

    Every HQ Toxic is packaged to deliver, with evrything you need to fly right out of the bag:

    • Double stitched and reinforced D-Rib constructed performance kite sail
    • High strenght, stretch resistant dyneema cored bridles
    • Colored Dyneema line set with sewn loop ends, individually marked for easy hook-up
    • Colored HQ XL Quad Handles with extra long leaders for fine adjustments and ground stake loop
    • Moulded ground stake with looped sleeve for securing the Toxic on the ground during setup and pack-down
    • Deluxe technical stylish backpack that can hold all your Toxic accessories and more
    • Multilingual full color instruction manual








    Flat Span (cm/ft)

    300 / 9.8

    367 / 12.0

    424 / 13.9

    474 / 15.6

    541 / 17.7

    620 / 20.3


    12 - 61

    6 - 49

    6 - 38

    6 - 38

    5 - 22

    5 - 18


    8 - 38

    7 - 31

    6 - 24

    5 - 20

    4 - 18

    3 - 12

    Lineset Included

    485/220 lb.(220 / 100 kp), 4 x 65 ft. (20m)


    Quad Control Handles








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