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HQ - Treczocks Cody
HQ - Treczocks Cody
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $325.00
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
      Add 320# 500' line on hoop winder (+$40)

    HQ - Treczocks Cody

    This cody, made according to the standards of Lutz Treczoks, is a friend for life. Superior workmanship and made of the finest materials, this Cody rocks. This classic kite performs best in medium to higher winds. Our 35er Cody with 'War-Bonnet' top-sail is especially suitable to hauling up all kinds of line laundry as a result of the strong lift it develops.

    The Treczocks Cody is a very impressive kite.  Not only does it look awesome and unique, it also sports an 8 and 1/2 foot wingspan!  Framed in high strength ultra light Carbon Fiber rods.  The sail is high strength light weight ripstop nylon that has been completely hemmed and stitched around every edge and sports durable dacron patch reinforcements in all the right places.  This kite is made to last - and it will too, giving you many years of enjoyment.

    When you show up on the kite field with a Cody kite, heads will turn.  Seasoned kite flyers know the history behind this amazing design and new / younger kite flyers will be amazed at its size and how well it flies.

    Recommended optional accessories: groundstake, windturbines, streamer tails.

    -Does not come with flying line

    Recommended flying line:  200# to 350# braided polyester.

    • Stylish draw string nylon bag for storage included
    • Because of the strong pull this kite produces in stronger winds, it is recommended for skilled pilots 14 years of age and up.
    • Use a good solid ground anchor for stronger winds and always handle flying line with gloves.
    • Never wrap the line around your hands or any other body part.
    • Be aware of your surroundings and always supervise the kite while in flight.

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