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HQ - Shadow
HQ - Shadow
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $260.00
    Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds

    The Shadow from HQ is one of the best UL kites on the market and is recommended by many of the sports top pilots.

    The HQ Shadow is an Ultra Light kite (UL) designed for flying in winds that most kites can't even get off the ground in.   The Shadow is designed to fly best in winds from 2 mph to 12 mph.   The Shadow resulted from the collaboration of HQ's test pilots Ralf Naujocks and Ralph Joh.   The goal was to create a light wind kite that had full freestyle abilities (mastery of all of the old and new tricks while ensuring a high level of precision), and attained the hovering properties of a true UL kite.

    We think that the Shadow was extremely successful in meeting these goals.

    With the Shadow, pilots can be ready to work on tricks with even the slightest breeze on a quiet day.   The light weight and elegant appearance of this kite will take you away from the daily grind for a while.   With an MP3 Player and the right music in your ear, flying the Shadow could become meditation on days that you normally wouldn't even be able to fly.   The construction of the Shadow is very light incorporating the lightest and highest grade Icarex materials and a strong carbon fiber frame.   The Shadow is a kite designed for advanced pilots that are looking for a delicate kite for light wind conditions.

    Width     207 cm / 81" (6' 9" wing span)
    Height     97 cm / 38"
    Sail     Icarex
    Frame     Dynamic T12 carbon fiber 4 + 5 mm
    Line     recommended 45 kp / 100 lb. (not included)
    Wind     0,2-3 Bft. (3-19 km/h, 2-12 mph)
    Age     12+

    Includes Kite, Heavy duty Deluxe Nylon Storage Bag and Manual.
    The HQ Shadow comes with an all gray background and center graphic is available in Solid Blue, Solid Purple and Lt. Blue / Navy Blue design.

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