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Save over 25% off of all remaining stock of Ozone Methods! We only have a few of these left and once they are gone, that's it!

Ozone - Method
Ozone - Method
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $299.00
    Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
    Select Size:
    5.0 Meter (add $119.00)
    Handles or Control Bar:


    Method, man from OZONE on Vimeo.

    Sizes & Colors >>

    The Ozone Method is available in ONE color per size

    • 2.3 Meter - Blue / White / Grey
    • 3.0 Meter - Yellow / Red / Grey
    • 4.0 Meter - Green / White / Grey
    • 5.0 Meter - Red / White / Grey
    • 6.0 Meter - Blue / Yellow / Grey

    Ozone Method >>

    The Ozone Method power kite is designed and built to slot perfectly between the Flow and the Yakuza GT as a powerful and fast yet easy to fly power kite.   The Ozone Method will suit buggiers, mountain boarders and snow boarders of all skill levels as an easy to use performance power kite.

    Ozone team designer Rob Whittall comments about the conception and production of the Ozone Method:

    “What I wanted to do was make a kite that has the speed of a high performance kite, the stability of a beginner kite and handles like a sports car.   I have been talking with our paragliding designers and they have shared their new theories which have been helping them produce the highest performing paraglider to date!

    I have reduced the line drag to a minimum with extensive use of diagonals.   I worked on the sail tension to maintain a clean leading edge.   The section I have chosen produces good speed and it’s very stable.   The aspect ratio is 4.2 which means it is not over stretched and keeps it compact with a solid feeling.   When we were out testing, the Method was only just behind the Yakuza and in strong conditions on small sizes the Method was a real contender.   I prefer the Method for my style of riding, I am not a (hard core) racer but I like to go fast and have good up wind ability without having to concentrate on the kite all the time.

    My top speeds were about the same as the Yakuza but it took a little longer to get there.   Having said that going round a mark fast is easy because on the Method you can just flick the kite around without needing to be precise on the controls.   The other great aspect is that just about anyone with four line handle experience can fly this kite, it’s just easy and feels smooth and solid.   It’s not designed to be a race winner but you would have fun trying and you would not be far off the pace!

    Another great thing is that the Method flies exceptionally well with the Ozone Turbo bar, making it an excellent option for a performance land boarding kite, or for riders who prefer to use a bar.”

    Ozone Method Design & Performance Features >>

    • Built using Ozone’s world leading secret paragliding technology
    • Low drag bridle layout
    • Works exceptionally well with handles, fixed bridle bar and the Ozone Turbo bar
    • Closed cell leading edge with reinforcement mesh for clean air intake and extra strength.   The high strength reinforced mesh leading edge helps reduce the deformation of the leading edge when under pressures of high wind flying, adding performance as well as strength.
    • Wing tip dirt-outs are linked to internal trailing edge sand-channels which prevents any sand or debris from being trapped in the kite
    • Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the highest quality materials
    • Built from the highest grade OzTex 40D Ripstop nylon fabric
    • Pre-stretched Dyneema control line throughout the entire bridle, sleeved and stitched to reduce tangles and snags
    • Reinforced ribs throughout the entire kite, creating a super stable and high performance wing that will hold its shape under the most brutal conditions
    • Reinforced diagonal ribs giving rigid structure and allowing for minimal bridle line drag

    Optional Handles Features >>

    • Ozone neoprene covered handles for ultimate comfort, control and grip. Includes anti-finger chafe guard on power line leader and ground stake/park loops on rear leaders.
    • Amsteel Spectra spliced harness strop.
    • 4 x 180/110kgs 20m flying lines made from the highest quality color-coded Dyneema with Ozone’s line label connection system.

    The Ozone Method can be used on quad control handles or with an optional control bar.

    If you are using the Method on a control bar, we recommend the Ozone Turbo Control bar for maximum control and performance.

    Custom colors may be available for an additional charge.   Please contact us directly regarding custom color options and pricing.

    Every Method includes >>

    • Tough Ozone styled backpack with external water bottle holders and inner secure pocket detail.
    • Webbing compression strap with snap buckle to keep kite rolled up securely.
    • Comprehensive user manual, stickers & key ring.

    The Method can be purchased as kite only or complete ready to fly – “RTF”.

    Two Ozone Method Power Kites flying Green Ozone Method Power Kite
    Green Ozone Method Power Kite Flying Ozone Method kites waiting to launch

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