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The Red Widow has been discontinued. Only the Blue and Green are available. If the Red becomes available at a later date we will let you know.

Premier Widow
Premier Widow
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $159.00
    Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
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    The new Widow from Premier Kites.

    The Widow is the lead kite of the all new Spider Series kites developed by the world famous Jon Trennepohl and Wayne Brunges.   This is the same designers that have developed other fantastic kites like the Nighthawk and Magnum as well as many others.

    The design for the Widow is based off of the famous Skyburner Widow Maker and sets a new standard in affordable high performance stunt kites.   This trick oriented kite does it all!   The sail is high performance rip stop nylon that has flat feld seams, Skyshark carbon frame, tail ballast, yo-yo stoppers and more!!!   Many things that you would only find on the most expensive stunt kites are included in the Widow from Premier.

    • Yo-Yo stoppers already installed
    • Sky Shark wrapped carbon frame
    • Stunning sail graphics sewn with all flat feld seams
    • Optional tail weight included with every kite
    • Mylar reinforced trailing edge
    • Heavy duty storage bag with sharp color matching graphics
    • Every Widow Comes complete, ready to fly with 150# spectra lineset and dual control straps

    The Widow from Premier kites is designed for the serious pilot who wants a kite that does all the new school tricks with deadly accuracy without having to empty the bank account.   With its quality features and superior build quality, it is a kite that will become one of your most favorite to fly and is one of the best built kites on the market today.   If your ready to step to the next level of kiting, the Widow will keep you company for a very long time.
    Widow Specifications:
    Size (W x L)
    Designed by
    Wind Range
    Sail Fabric

    Flying Line
    96 x 36" (244 x 91.5cm)
    Jon Trennepohl & Wayne Brunjes
    4 - 20 mph
    Ripstop Nylon
    Wrapped Carbon
    Skyshark P300
    10.4oz (295 gm.)
    Deluxe Kite Case - Expandable
    Includes 150 lb. Spectra line with Extracto Winder
    and dual finger/wrist straps.
    Widow Maker Bag and Accessories

    Want more info?   Check out our review below that was submitted to Kitelife Magazine.

    We got the Widow out this last Sunday for a true side by side comparison with the Widow Maker.   I was very skeptable because of just how beautiful and wonderful the Widow Maker kite is.   It is definately my favorite kite right now and does more than I can even throw at it.   Within the first 10 minutes of pounding the Widow through the paces, I have to say the Widow can hold its own up against the Widow Maker.

    The biggest difference we could see right off is that the WM is slightly better in the lightest wind range.   The WM can easily fly down to 2-3 mph winds and is still very trickable in winds starting around 3 and up, I assume this is because of the Icarex sail which is lighter than the Nylon used in the Widow.   The Widow needed at least 3 mph steady to get in the air and it felt a bit heavier to fly than the WM in the same wind range.   The WM also had a more "solid" feel in the air in the lighter winds.   The Widow Maker pulled a bit harder in the lightest of winds than the Widow which I kinda liked a bit more than the lighter feel on the lines of the Widow.   The pull was not something that would drag you around, the WM just felt more solid on the end of the lines.   Once the winds got up to 5-6 mph the Widow came into its own light and was an absolute dream to fly.   I dare say that the Widow is capable of doing any trick that you can throw at it...and can do them very well!   Axle's are precise, quick and very flat.   Lazy Susan's are smooth and also very flat.   540´s are easily done and recovery after the 540 is open and very easy to navigate.   You don't have to coax the kite out of the flat spin to get it to pop back open after the 540, the kite floats up into position just like it should.   Multiple 540´s can be done with the right hand work at the right time.   The kite loves to rotate!   Roll-ups are very easy to do, yo-fades are excellent and precise.   When the kite lays back it is super stable and loves to be manipulated.   I was able to pull a smooth jacob´s ladder and then flip into a rollup pretty much on accident, the kite just begs to be pushed and it goes into position very nicely without any begging or praying.   Cascades are smooth and easy to do.   Flick Flack´s are very predictable without worrying that one wing is going to pitch out on you.   The kite likes to sit in the turtle.   Fades are a little deep but can be held really easily with the right touch and the kite recovers very easily from the fade or the turtle with a simple pop.

    I would have to say that in the hands of a skilled pilot, the Widow would be able to match trick for trick against the WM (or most any other $200+ kite out there today).   I couldn't find anything in my limited trick arsenal that this kite couldn't do and do well.

    Precision was a little bit of a concern when I first put the kite in the air, especially hearing about some people having oversteer problems with the initial first batch release kites.   The winds were a bit on the lighter side and because of the larger wing I found myself overdriving the kite much harder than it really needed to be and was ending up with quite a bit of oversteer.   After a couple of minutes I started to get in tune with the kite and adjusting my inputs so they were less aggressive on the turns and the kite settled in very nicely and oversteer was no issue at all.   The kite was rock solid.   I was able to snap turn very crisp 90´ turns with no oversteer at all.   Again the kite did require that my inputs were correct.   To much input or to hard and the kite wanted to flip into trick mode instead of pattern mode.   I also found this to be the same on tricks.   When I first put the kite in the air and tried a simple axle from a snap stall, the kite flipped around like a fish on the end of a hook.   I quickly figured out that I was pounding the snap stall way to hard.   A couple more tries and refining my inputs and the kite snapped crisp and precise and just sat in the middle of the window perfectly square with the ground ready for input.   Side slides are beautiful and smooth.   Flick flac´s are clean and very flat.   Axle´s are flat and very controllable...meaning that you can snap an axle super quick or you can "drag" an axle with a lot of slack for a "slow-motion super flat 5 footer roll over the lines" type axle....did I say that I love this kite?   We all had a tremendously fun time with the Widow and will always keep one in my bag with me when I go out to fly.

    Main differences between the two:
    Widow:Ripstop nylon sail
    WM: PC31 Icarex

    Widow:Skyshark P300 Carbon Frame
    WM: Skyshark Tapered Black Diamond Nitros

    Widow: APA connectors, snag-free leading edge, standard JACO/o-ring standoffs
    WM: Custom connectors, covered standoffs, extra detail to snag free nose, snag-free leading edge

    Widow: no leach line, tail weight machined round stock mounted on the end of the spine
    WM: adjustable leach line, tail weight is velcro wrapped contour weight and goes on the velcro piece on the tail.

    Overall the kite rocks.   I would say that the Premier Widow is the closest thing you can get to a one-off custom high end trick kite without emptying the wallet and hitting a pawn shop.   The only real flying difference between the WM and the Premier Widow was the light wind performance and the more solid "feel" of the WM when in the air.   The WM does have the edge when you are flying in sub 4 mph winds.   The original Widow Maker is indeed a beautiful kite with the higher grade PC-31 sail, the nitro frame and the special details you get with a kite of this caliber but considering that you could purchase nearly two Widow´s to one WM makes a very hard choice as both of these kites trick absolutely awesome.   If you want the very best then get the Widow Maker and smile wide every time you fly.   If you are a little tight with your budget (as most of us are) then get the Widow and smile every time you fly and have a cooler full of your favorite drinks with you and extra cash in your wallet.

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