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The E3's have finally arrived and are IN STOCK NOW.
Prism - E3 Dual line stunt kite
Prism - E3 Dual line stunt kite
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    Price: $189.95
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
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    Any Available Color

    The new E3 from Prism designs
    The long-awaited successor to the beloved E2, the E3 continues the tradition as the ultimate package for pilots ready to take the next step into freestyle tricks.   While retaining the forgiving yet responsive feel of the E2, prism has redesigned its wing geometry with a new profile and higher aspect ratio to add precision and tracking while also bringing it up to date for all the latest yo-yo and roll-up maneuvers.   The added stability gives the E3 a great feel for just carvingup the sky, even if you're not yet a trick master.   The new Prism E3 comes complete with yo-yo stoppers and an adjustable 10g spine weight, you can set it up with exactly the balance you like for your flying style, and tweak it for a more radical edge as you improve your skills.   While keeping in line with the classic look of the E2, the E3's jazzed-up graphics, cutting-edge performance and nicely detailed bag make it a must-have for existing E2 pilots as well as anyone ready to discover the world of Freestyle with a world class stunt kite.

    The Prism E3 dual line stunt kite comes complete, packaged with Prism's "Freestyle Pilot" instructional DVD, 150# x 85' Spectra lineset, yo-yo stoppers and adjustable spine weight kit.   For added convenience, all the primary frame parts are the same as those found on the original E2, which means fewer parts to stock, easy repairs and accessible parts supplies that are already available on the market today.

    Mark Reed, designer of the new E3 had this to say about it on the Prism forum:

    "OK so let's get started.   The idea of the E3 was to take one of our most successful products ever and bring it up to date with a bunch of the the new things we've learned since 2002.   The E2 has been a steady seller for years but I've wanted to introduce a successor for some time.   I've always thought the E2 was a little too slippery for great precision, so the redesigned sail includes a straighter leading edge, deeper camber, and slightly higher aspect ratio for a much more locked-in feel.   I also set it up for all the new pitch-unstable moves we hadn't yet invented when the E2 came out, so it's happy to do yo-yo's and all their variants, with or without the included spine weight.   One of the design requirements was to keep the original E2 frame so people with E2's or dealers with E2 parts could use them interchangeably.   Seemed like a nice way to keep things easy for everybody involved.   I wasn't 100% successful with that mission but we've come pretty close.   The E3 shares frame parts with the E2 except for the spine, upper spreader, and standoffs.   Those had to change to really give it the feel I was looking for, but in a pinch you could substitute even those and you wouldn't notice a big difference.   The spine is now 6mm pultruded carbon rather than a P200, which pulls mass towards the center of the kite giving it a livelier turn response and an easier yo-yo.   The spreader is a hair shorter, if I remember correctly, and the standoffs are a few millimeters longer to tension the deeper sail.   The bridle is also brand new, with a very short turbo leg that helps initiate the backflip.   Standoffs are adjustable like the E2 with four different positions.

    A lot of people have always loved the E2 sail pattern so I wanted to keep some of its graphic appeal while freshening up the look.   Compared to a lot of our newer designs the E2 looks a little plain, so we jazzed it up a bit with some additional panels.   The Graphite color combo came on a particularly angst-filled day as the world economy melted down, and I kept it in the lineup for folks looking for something a little edgier in appearance.

    Reworked the bag as well, just for fun.   You can't tell in the photo, but the bag unfolds to full length if you prefer keeping your LE's long, and there's a mesh pocket in back for the lineset and spine weight.

    The full package includes an adjustable spine weight, yo-yo stoppers, 85' x 150# Spectra lines and straps, Prism pin, and the Freestyle Pilot DVD.

    List price for the E3 is somewhere around $183, a tad more than the E2 as a result of the added complexity and all the material cost increases we've been dealing with. Final street prices are set by the dealers of course so I can't tell you exactly what it'll cost you."
    - Mark, Feb 04 2009

    E3 Specifications:



    Intermediate - Advanced
    91" (231 cm)
    3 - 25 mph (5 - 40 kmh)
    Moderate - Fast
    Sky Shark P200 wrapped carbon / graphite
    Ripstop Polyester / Mylar Laminate
    85' x 150# Laser Pro 100% Spectra Flying lines, y0-y0 stoppers, adjustable spine weight, "Freestyle Pilot" instructional DVD, Kite & heavy duty expandable storage bag.

    • Rock-Steady precision and tracking.
    • Fresh new exciting graphics.
    • New innovative wing design and shape for easier yo-yo's, roll-up's and all of the latest tricks.
    • Complete package, ready to fly right out of the bag.
    • Share the parts from your existing E2 with the new E3 for simple and easy repairs and common componenets that are already redily available from from

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