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Prism - Micron
Prism - Micron
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $54.95
    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
    Upgrade to a 5 Stack Kit:
    ADD $225.00

    Prism Micron
    Lightning fast and challenging fun!

    The Prism Micron & Complete Micron 5 Stack Kit.   Adrenaline, fun and beauty!
    The perfect kite for advanced pilots looking for the ultimate in speed and fun!

      Skill Level:
    Wing Span:
    Wind Range:

    Flying Line:
    39" (99 cm)
    18.5" (47 cm)
    Ultra Fast
    5-25 MPH
    Pultruded Microcarbon
    Ripstop Nylon, Mylar laminate
    50' x 50# Spectra

    • Outrageously fast and responsive- too quick for beginners!
    • Unbreakable MicroCarbon frame
    • Complete with lines, mini winder and finger loops
    • Ligthning fast straight tracking and ultra responsive
    • Includes matching tail for high winds
    • Packs up tiny for travel
    • Available in 5 colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, & Blue
    • 5 stack available in a complete - ready to fly kit that includes custom case that holds all 5 Micron kites together (up to 12), pre-connected stacking lines, color matched tails, and flying lines
    >His teeth are bright in a silly grin.   His head swivels endlessly, chasing his darting eyeballs.   His arms are still but if you watch his fingertips, they're twitching.   He's the pilot of Prism's newly redesigned Micron, the fastest little sport kite this side of the Milky Way.   He's got a lot of flying hours in his logbook before he masters this little rocketship.   "Like a bumblebee on amphetamines!" one pilot wrote.   No rookies, this sucker is fast!

    Check out the new tail, for trails around the sky, and for speed reduction on a blustery day.   Stack them together for a spectacular show.   Or try the new five-stack in a specially designed bag, ready to whip out without the hassle of tying stack lines and assembly.

    The Prism Micron is a very cool little kite in a great mix of colors.

    The Prism Micron comes complete, ready to fly with attractive carrying case, Micron kite, high grade 100% Micro Spectra line, Finger straps, & instruction manual.
    Micron Colors

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