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Revolution - 1.5 Classic
Revolution - 1.5 Classic
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    Price: $199.00
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
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    The Revolution 1.5 Classic

    Skill Level: Intermediate
    Wind Range: 3-20 MPH.
    Wing Span: 93 Inches
    Frame: 3-wrap with Reflex Technology
    Package comes with two standard replacement spars

    Premium Signature Sport Kite Package with Revolutions exclusive patented Reflex Technology!
    The new Revolution 1.5 Classic is the model that the kiting industry has come to love but has now been updated to make it even better!!! The new Classic 1.5 Revolution now incorporates Revolution's patented Reflex Technology, giving this classic model new and improved handling, precision and fun!

    Reflex Technology helps enhance the characteristics of the Classic 1.5 by pre-loading the sail in light wind and hovering maneuvers. Even dead launches are now possible with this new enhancement! Reflex Technology helps light wind control like never before, even out on the edge of the window the Reflex continues to fly when older models fall out of the air. Light wind flying is made easier for beginners and opens up even more maneuvers and control for the experienced pilot!

    The Classic 1.5 comes ready to fly with Revolution's high performance 3-wrap frame and two standard 3 wrap replacement spars.

    Included in the ready-to-fly package is Revolutions own ergonomic stainless steel handles with adjustable leaders, a comprehensive DVD to get you started, a fully illustrated instruction manual and an introductions to the first level of Club38, Revolutions exclusive progress club that rewards you with fun and prizes.

    Be sure to add your 100% Spectra quad line high Performance Line set to complete your kit Flying Line Set is NOT included and must be added if you do not already own a set)! Our professional 100% Spectra Laser Pro Gold line sets are available in a variety of sizes so please select the one that will work best for you. If you are not sure, the 90# x 75 ft set is the most common.

    The Revolution 1.5 Reflex Classic Sail is 100% Icarex Polyester Rip-Stop for the ultimate in strength and lightness.

    Each Revolution Classic kite includes the following:

    • 1.5 Classic Kite with bridle
    • Printed Kite Storage Sleeve
    • ONE complete 3 Wrap Frame with Reflex Technology
    • Two 3 wrap standard replacement rods

    Optional Handle and Accessory pack includes:

    • Revolution Ergonomic Stainless Steel Handles with Adjustable Leaders
    • A comprehensive DVD tutorial to get you started
    • A fully illustrated manual
    • Introduction level 1 to Club38

    Lineset, handle and accessory package can be added for maximum versatility!

    **Also available in Vented (High Wind) models. 10-28 MPH winds.

    Reflex Technology is only available on the included 3 wrap frame. Spare replacement spars are standard spars and will not have the Reflex Technology included. With the standard rods installed, the kite will fly and perform like the previous (pre-reflex) models.

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