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Sky Burner - Widow Maker
Sky Burner - Widow Maker
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $295.00
    Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
    Select Model:
    Standard Model
    Ultra Light (add $10.00)
    Select Color:
    Wind Screens:
    Wind Screens (add $18.95)


    Widow Maker from Sky Burner Kites.
    Made in the U.S.A.
    by world champion pilots who enjoy what they do.
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    Widow Maker
    Skyshark Diamond Nitro Coated
    .6 oz Poly
    P-31 Icarex
    Spectra Core
    3 point
    10 oz
    3-20 mph
    Our Price:


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    The NEW Widow Maker from Sky Burner weaves a dangerous web, apporach with caution.   This kite is very easy to fly and extremely precise but will pounce into trick flying with deadly accuracy.   The NEW Widow Maker is designed and built with the performance flyer in mind.

    The NEW Widow Maker is built IN THE U.S.A. with the exceptional quality and craftsmanship you have come to know and expect form world champion and professional kite designers Jon Trennephohl, Wayne Brunjes and Sky Burner.   The sail is sewn with great care, precision and exceptional strength.   The panels come together with the sleek and nimble styling of the spider it is named for.   Built with an unbelievably tough Sky Shark Nitro Smooth wrapped carbon frame, this is a kite built to endure and outlast every flyer that crosses its path.

    Add the optional Wind Screens to your Widow Maker and increase the trickability of your kite in higher wind ranges. Wind Screens are custom made to fit your Widow Maker Standard and UL kites and install in seconds. Just slip one on each side over the lower spreader and standoff to slow your kite down when the winds pick up, making tricking easier without nearly as much running towards the kite. Wind Screens also smooth out bumpy or inconsistent winds making tricking easier and more predictable.

    Custom colors are also available for your Widow Maker. Contact us directly to discuss a custom made Widow Maker made exclusively for you!!!

    Hand made in the U.S.A.
    Other Special Features:
    • Removable factory set tail weight.
    • Yo-Yo stoppers.
    • Durable nylon kite bag.

    Available colors: left to right - Blue, Warm Spectrum, Red, Green, Cool Spectrum

    Please note that these colors are provided for informative purposes only and are not guaranteed to be exact.   This is due to the limitations of computer monitors / browsers and a whole bunch of other complicating factors along the way.

    We thank you for your understanding on this matter.

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