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Wakeless Kites - Progressive Stack
Wakeless Kites - Progressive Stack
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    Price: $699.00
    Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
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    Progressive Kite Stack from Wakeless Kites.
    Do you want to gather a crowd?   Are you looking for that all-impressive kite that not only looks totally awesome in the air but is incredibly awesome fun to fly?   Want something that will increase the buzz at your local flying spot?   This is the kite system for you!   Custom designed and produced right here in the U.S.A., the Wakeless Kites Progressive Kite Stack will turn heads as well as turn the corners of your mouth up high!

    The Progressive Kite Stack comes with three custom built matching kites, all pre-trained together with matching stack lines, ready to impress kite enthusiasts everywhere.   This is not your normal kite stack.   The first and smallest kite in the stack boasts a very impressive 6 foot wingspan!   The middle kite reaches an 8 foot wingspan and the final kite brings up the rear with an all impressive and massive 10 foot wing span and over 5 feet tall!

    The Progressive Stack comes complete, ready to fly right out of the bag with all train lines already assembled, just insert the spreaders, assemble the leading edges, attach your flying lines (sold separately) and your ready to fly!   The train lines are all pig-tailed on each kite so you can also break the stack apart and fly each of the kites separately.   Also included with the package is bridle extension lines that allow you to fly the rear kite by itself without having to re-adjust any bridle lines.

    The Progressive Stack from Wakeless Kites is professionally made for easy flying and durability.   Every kite in the stack is framed completely in high-strength Carbon Fiber tubes.   All sails are sewn from durable ripstop nylon and completely reinforced in all the heavy stress areas with mylar, dacron and custom printed aluminum film laminates.   All seams are professionally sewn and bridle lines are made from 100% high modulus line.

    Every Progressive Stack comes with all three kites, all necessary stack lines (train lines) already installed on the kites, bridle extension lines and custom storage bag including two additional internal bags for spars and accessories.   Available in Red/White/Gray (shown) and Blue/Gray/Black.   Custom colors available upon request.   Call for custom color options and pricing.

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