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Pro Airform 50, 100, 200
Pro Airform 50, 100, 200
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $415.00
    Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
    Select Size:
    Pro Airform 50
    Pro Airform 100
    (add $180.00)
    Select Color:

    Pro Airform 50, 100, 200

    Ever wanted to make a BIG STATEMENT?!   Some of the most impressive kites on the kiting fields are the large ram-air flow forms like this all new Pro Airform design.   Pro Airforms are made of the highest quality ripstop nylon, professionally sewn and assembled for maximum flight, easy setup and launch and solid stable lifting.

    Designed from the original Jordan Airforms, Pro Airforms take the super stable design one step further with Shock-Cord Load technology used in the largest kites in the world and known for its superior strength, positive unrestricted airflow and reduced overall weight. All of this combined allows the Pro Airform to be super stable, even in the largest 200 square foot sizes.   Every Pro Airform model uses only the highest quality material including specra color coded bridle lines, specially coated ripstop nylon, high strenth and UV protected polyester thread and reinforced load points throughout the entire form.

    Pro Airforms is also one of the only flowform companies on the market that offers such a large and impressive lifter WITH matching tails and compression bag.   That's correct!!! Every Pro Airform comes with two matching tails and compression bag at no extra cost.

    Pro Airform 50
         Two 75 foot matching tube tails and compression bag!!

    Pro Airform 100
         Two 100 foot matching tube tails and compression bag!!

    Pro Airform 200
         Two monsterous 150 foot matching tube tails and compression bag!!

    Pro Airforms are the perfect lifter to launch any type of line laundry including spin socks, tube tails, streamers, line anchors, bowls, banners and just about any thing else that you could think of.   Pro Airforms are also the preferred choice for Kite Airial Photography because of their incredible stability and lifting capability.

    Available in four different color combinations:
    Blue / Silver / White / Black
    Red / Silver / White / Black
    Black Spectrum (Black / Red / Orange / Yellow / Black)
    Spectrum (Yellow / Red / Purple / Blue)

    Blue / Silver / White / Black Pro Airform 50 - 100 - 200
    Blue Pro Airform
    Red / Silver / White / Black Pro Airform 50 - 100 - 200
    Red Pro Airform
    Spectrum Black / Red / Orange / Yellow / Black Pro Airform 50 - 100 - 200
    Black Spectrum
    Spectrum Yellow / Red / Purple / Blue / Black Pro Airform 50 - 100 - 200

    **Extra care and responsibility should be used when handing larger kites such as these flow forms. These large flowforms are designed for experienced pilots. Use of these kites beyond their suggested wind ranges and/or used for purposes they are not designed for could result in personal injury, damage to property or even death. Fly responsibly and use all safety precautions.

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