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Flying Wings - Laima
Flying Wings - Laima
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    Price: $119.95
    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
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    The Laima - Single Line Glider with Excellent Control and Amazing Fun!

    From the creator of the best selling Aerobe / Wala and Wala XL comes the latest in glider fun and excitement.   The Laima is here.   The Laima is a bird shaped single line glider that can be flown from 0 mph winds up to 8 mph winds.   It's unique shape gives the Flying Wings Laima an excellent lift to weight ratio that allows it to fly in a huge range of winds...or no winds!   Yes, you can fly it indoors!

    The Laima is specifically designed to be flicked and tossed around, giving you the ability to control the kite while it flies in the lighter breezes.   Spins, flicks, turns and smooth graceful glides are capable with very little foot work and a little bit of finesse.

    Like the Wala, the Liama lets you enjoy the days when other kites don't have enough wind to get off the ground, or those bad weather days where it is not possible to go outside and fly.

    The Flying Wings Laima is a great kite for all ages.   For indoor flying, all you need is a wide open space with high ceilings and you can fly like never before!

    Each Laima comes complete, ready to fly with Laima kite, lightweight storage sleeve, and flying line on a plastic winder.

    Flying Wings Laima in flight

    Flying Wings Liama flown in ultra light or no winds.

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