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ITW - Skate (Focus Kites)
ITW - Skate (Focus Kites)
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    Into The Wind: Skate

    Light wind?   No Problem.
    No Wind?   No Problem.
    Indoor Flying? No Problem.

    If the winds are not cooperating, its time to Skate!   The Skate was designed by master kite designer Paul De Bakker for maximum flying fun when the wind tries to ruin your flying days.   No longer will you worry about light wind days that frustrate kiteflyers.   The Skate is a hybrid kite design between a controllable single-line fighter and a gracious glider, it soars at the flick of a wrist and controls with even the most gentle of tugs.   Designed specifically for low wind conditions that leave most kites on the ground, the Skate is one of the most popular kites for zero wind or indoor flying.   Paul De bakker's Skate is flown by many top indoor competitors, adding grace and elegance every place (and every time) you fly, turning kite flying into a performance art.

    The Skate comes ready to fly as a beautiful single line kite for winds from 1-6 mph.   For indoor or zero wind flying, add two to three coins into the nose pocket for balance and tune it for awesome gliding sessions.   The Skate is made with a super strong but light weight micro carbon frame and .06 oz. ripstop polyester.

    Skate Specifications:
    Height: 5' 4"
    Width: 4. 0"
    Weight: 2.8 oz.
    Wind Range: 0 to 6 mph
    Experience Level: Beginner to Expert

    The Skate comes packaged complete and ready for fun including the kite, deluxe expandable storage sleeve, printed assembly instructions and 100' of 50lb Dyneema line on a handle.

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