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Prism - EO Atom
Prism - EO Atom
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    Price: $28.95
    Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
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    EO Atom from Prism Kites

    The EO Atom is the newest and smallest member of Prism's brilliant EO (Expandable Object) series of single-line box kites.   Like the others in the EO Series, the Atom folds flat and pops open ready to fly easily, no assembly required, no hassles, no fuss, just pop it open, connect the line and put the Atom in the air four hours and hours of stress free fun!   The three intersecting planes give the Prism Atom great stability but also let you experiment with a wide range of tumbling tricks by slacking and tugging on the flying line.   The Atom has another wonderful feature for unplanned landings: No matter which way it lands, you can relaunch it instantly just be tugging on the string. This makes the Prism Atom perfect for kids of all ages as it is incredibly easy to launch and relaunch, fun to fly and nearly indestructable.

    The EO Atom from Prism Kites folds flat to a compact 13.5" x 19.5" and comes ready to fly with travel cover, 200 feet of 20 pound line and line winder all included.

    • The Atom Makes a great gift!
    • Relaunches from any position
    • Pops open ready to fly, no assembly required
    • Flies stable and steady AND can do playful tumbling tricks with a tug of the line
    • Instantly folds flat to 3/8" thick for easy storage and travel
    • Nearly indestructable fiberglass reinforced frame
    • Professional quality with sewn ripstop nylon sail
    • Comes ready to fly including high quality flying line and winder
    • Super easy to fly
    • Easy enough to fly for children of all ages (3+ and up)
    • Stack multiple Atom's on the same line for even more fun!

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