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Shanti Bulk Warp Speed Line
Shanti Bulk Warp Speed Line
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $110.00
    Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
    Select Line:
    50 lb x 1000 feet
    90 lb x 1000 feet (add $10.00)
    150 lb x 1000 feet (add $20.00)
    200 lb x 1000 feet (add $40.00)
    300 lb x 1000 feet (add $65.00)
    500 lb x 300 feet (add $29.00)
    500 lb x 1000 feet (add $263.00)

    Shanti Speed Line
    Shanti Speed Line
    In 1985, Shanti Kites invented Spectra kite line and began selling it under the trademark Speed Line.   Speed line quickly became the world gold standard for high performance line.
    Though many companies have tried to imitate Shanti's Speed line, none can match their smooth construction, low stretch and exceptional quality.   Shanti has continued to improve their speed line and is now shipping their best Spectra line ever.   it's tight, slippery, and unbelievably fast!
    Shanti calls this new improved line Warp Speed because this line incorporates the benefits of their traditional Speed line with their new process called "Linear Alignment".   Spectra fiber is, pound for pound, 10 times stronger than steel.   It has less stretch than any kiteline fiber in the world because molecules of the Spectra fiber are bound together in an extended-chain to prevent elongation (also known as stretch or creep).   Shanti applied that same philosophy to their innovative braiding process in order to align the bundles of spectra fiber linearly.

    Everyone knows that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.   Woven fiber is not straight but instead, wraps around and around the line.   In woven materials, the "warp" refers to the fibers running the length of the material.   With "Linear Alignment" Shanti has developed a way of straightening the warp fibers which in turn lessons the stretch and speeds up the reaction time between the kite and the flyer's inputs.   How fast?   How about WARP SPEED!

    Shanti does NOT make fishing line!!

    15 years ago, fishermen were buying so much Spectra kiteline that companies started making special fishing line from Spectra fibers.   Fishing line is easy to recognize by its sticky coating that fishermen like.   This coating adds friction which is very bad for kite flying.   The coating also allows companies to color the line, making it invisible for fish and kite flyers.   The Spectra weave in fishing line is loose which allows the line to give stretch which is good for keeping a fish on the line but very bad for kite flying.   Fishing line is not kite line!

    Shanti is committed to making kiteline for the kite flyer!   Shanti Spectra linesets are precise and tangle-free.   Shanti makes all their products in their own facility to ensure superb quality control.   Shanti only sells to kite stores, not the mass market.   Order your own Shanti Warp Speed line and find out for yourself why Shanti Kites has been America's Leading Kiteline Supplier for over 30 Years!!

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