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Shanti - Skybond Dual Linesets
Shanti - Skybond Dual Linesets
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $44.00
    Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
    Select Line:
    100# x 50'
    100# x 75' (add $4.00)
    100# x 100' (add $8.00)
    175# x 75' (add $8.00)
    175# x 100' (add $12.00)


    Shanti Skybond line is the latest in innovation for the kite line market.   Developed exclusively for kite flying, this 100% Spectra modulus line sets a new standard that all other lines will be measured up to.   Skybond line is a High-Modulus Polyethylene line that has been Polymer-Bonded and pre stretched for zero stretch or creep while delivering the ultimate in slickness.

    Shanti Skybond line is proudly made 100% in the U.S.A.

    Skybond line comes in a high visibility yellow color, making it easier to see in the air and when laying out on the ground.   Skybond's unique weave provides the pilot with a direct connection with your kite, allowing you faster responses, sharper corners and a better overall feel of what your kite is doing while performing the latest in elaborate slack line tricks.

    Shanti is the original inventor of Spectra kite line and has been producing the highest quality kite line for over 20 years!   Shanti's unique braiding process allows for a line that has minimal creep or stretch while providing maximum strength.

    • Shanti Skybond is pre-stretched, coated and then baked to lock in the weave, eliminating line creap and minimizing any possible line stretch.
    • Every pre-made linset is sleeved with easy to identify yellow and black sleeving material
    • Measured to perfection for exact matched pairs
    • Hand tied and wrapped on a Crazy 8 winder

    The brightly colored sleeving material used on every Skybond Pre-made Lineset makes it easy to identify the right line from the left and also makes hooking the lines up to your kite simple and tangle free.   Every Shanti lineset comes on Shanti's own Crazy 8 winder.   These winders have an easy to carry handle and are slightly larger than normal winders, making it faster to wind your lines up with less overall kink's or wear points.   Every Crazy 8 winder comes with a notched end and center points to attach your lines and an extra long bungee cord to secure your lines after they have been wound up.   Shanti's Crazy 8 winders are also smooth all the way around, making it super easy and snag-free when you are winding up after a great day of flying or pulling your lines off to set up and fly.

    Skybond line comes in several strenghts and is available in pre-made linesets or in bulk spools.

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