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Shanti - Sleeving Material
Shanti - Sleeving Material
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $9.95
    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds


    Shanti Sleeving

    Shanti makes some of the best kite lines in the world, after all they are the original inventors of Spectra Kite Lines which revolutionized the kiting industry as we know it today.   Now Shanti can help you continue to protect your kite lines with this high quality woven sleeving material.

    Made from ultra soft and durable Premium Braid Polyester, this sleeving material has a very high melting point, required to reduce the loss of line strength when knots are tied.   Sleeving also makes it super easy to connect and remove your lines from your kite, handles or flying straps.

    These specially wound rolls of sleeving are the perfect choice for anyone who needs to repair or equalize their lines, or for those pilots who desire to make their own linesets. Each roll comes with two individually wound colors of high quality sleeving, making it super easy to mark left and right lines.   Shanti sleeving is very thin and soft to the touch, not bulky and cumbersome like other sleeving.

    Contains 10 feet of two different color sleeving material for a total of 20 feet of sleeving.

    This sleeving will work with all lines from 50# test up to 500# test.


    • Made from high quality braided polyester
    • Each roll contains 10 feet of two different colored sleeving material (20 feet total)
    • For lines from 50# to 500# test

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