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Blokart - Ice Blade Kit
Blokart - Ice Blade Kit
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $1,006.00
    Shipping Weight: 22.00 pounds


    Blokart Ice Blade Kit

    The blokart ice blades, first released in 2003, have gone through their most drastic redesign yet.   Blokart has taken in extensive feedback from customers in Europe as well as North America and have now produced the most innovative design to date.   A lot of options were considered to achieve the goals set by customers for a more stable Blokart that could perform in a wider window of conditions on the ice.   Following is a list of where Blokart has come to.

    Blade Length:
    The new blades are now approximately 17% to 23% longer with the front blade going from 500mm to 600mm long and the rear increasing from 500mm to 660mm.

    Ice Clearance
    The clear ice clearance has now increased from 40mm to 60mm, giving 335 greater clearance from the ice.   Blokart has also used a shallow bend to add stiffness to the blade rather than the original bolt on stiffeners, this means there is significantly less interference all the way up to 100mm over the previous design.   Untimately this all means we can keep running for longer when there is slush and snow on top of the ice, extending sailing time.

    The overall width of the Blokart is nearly 200mm wider than the previous model, offering significantly more stability.   Blokart overall width has gone from 1275mm wide to 1470mm wide.   This is wider than the wheeled Blokart by more than 100mm.

    Edge Life
    The blades will now be supplied made in Core10 hardened steel.   This will give an increased life on the edge sharpnes giving more ride time between sharpening.   All blades are still sharpened on a CNC mill with the single "V" on the rear and the inverse "V" on the front to give a double edge to work with the roll-over steering.

    The new Blokart blades will be zinc shielded and then powder coated to give a super strong rust proof finish while looking great.   The sharp edge will be bare steel and require drying after use.   Blokart has to make this compromise in moving from stainless steel but believes the functional benefits in-terms of stiffness and edge life out weight the downfalls of stainless steel while reducing overall expense and increasing ride time.

    Joint Tolerance:
    Blokart has re-engineered how the blades attach to the Blokart frame and also the mounting of the tow in adjustor assembly.

    The blades will mount directly to existing 17mm Stub Axles and the standard Blokart fork.   This eliminates clearance that was previously required in the rear axle joing and prevents excess wear from occurring on the fiberglass axle around the spring button.

    *Actual production blades may vary slightly from the supplied pictures.

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