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Manta landsailors have now become extremely difficult to stock.
If you are interested in a Manta, be prepared to wait up to 8 months before it arrives.
Since Manta changed ownership, supply for both complete sailors and replacement parts has been nearly impossible. We are concerned that we may no longer be able to get complete sailors or replacement parts. If your Manta needs repairs, you may be out of luck.
For this reason we highly suggest the Blokart land sailor instead. Blokart has been producing land sailors for over 15 years and we have full stock on complete sailors and replacement parts at all times!
As we use to be the largest Manta dealer, we hope that things with Manta turns around and supply will again resume. You can purchase a Blokart here -> Blokart Landsailors

**Land Sailors are not eligble for our free shipping option. See below for details.**

Manta - Windjammer and Twinjammer Landsailer
Manta - Windjammer and Twinjammer Landsailer
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $2,125.00
    Shipping Weight: 130.00 pounds
    Select Model:
    Windjammer - Single Seat
    Twinjammer - Two Seater (add $1349.00)
    Sail Options:
    Tire Upgrade:
    Free High Float Tire Upgrade ($50.00 Value)
    Shipping Charge:
    Estimated shipping charges


    Manta Landsailers - The standard of landsailing

    Manta Landsailers are designed and built in the U.S.A. using nothing but the highest grade reinforced aluminum tubing combined with optimally matched sails to give you a land yacht that is super light and easy to transport but also has the ultimate in performance and durability.

    Designed with the same technology as ultralight gliders, the Manta Windjammer and Twinjammer have revolutionized the land sailing industry.   Specialized custom high tech land sailers (aka land yachts) have reached world record speeds of 126 mph using nothing for power except the wind.   Stock factory Manta land sailors have been clocked at speeds over 70 mph at the Ivanpah dry lake bed in Nevada.   This exhilarating sport is fun for all ages and easy to learn.

    Land sailing is just like sailing on the water except the speeds are much higher and it is easier to get going.   You can usually achieve 2 or even 3 times the wind speed.   Manta landsailors are easy to transport and break down very easily, making them the perfect high performance land yacht.   Manta land sailers are much more stable and easier to control than other land sailers because of their design.   With other land sailers, you must control the sail and steer with your hands, making it much more difficult to control.   With the Manta Landsailers, you steer with your feet and control the sail with your hands, making racing or cruising much easier and more enjoyable.   Plus, the Manta landsailers have a wider rear axle and longer wheel base, making them much more stable at higher speeds and easier to ride in the stronger wind ranges.

    Manta landsailers are so popular, they even have their very own racing class in the NALSA land sailing organization!
    Ask anyone who owns one and they will highly recommend the Manta Landsailer over almost every other brand!

    Windjammer vs. Twinjammer

    The Windjammer is a single seat land sailer and is the perfect choice for people who want to go fast with a yacht that is super nimble and fun to ride.   The Twinjammer is a larger sized land yacht with a longer and wider wheel base.   It is specially built with a hammock style seat large enough to carry two people.   This is the most popular land yacht for families or couples as you can take someone with you while you sail.   The Manta Twinjammer also comes with a slightly larger sail and has the potential to reach higher speeds in the stronger winds.

    Manta Windjammer Specs Manta Twinjammer Specs
    Top Speed:
    Turning Radius:
    Sail Size (area):
    Overall Length:
    Rear Axle Width (without tires):
    Total Assembled Weight:
    60mph (est)
    6 feet
    45 square feet
    10 feet
    5.3 feet
    70 lbs.
    Top Speed:
    Turning Radius:
    Sail Size (area):
    Overall Length:
    Rear Axle Width (without tires):
    Total Assembled Weight:
    75 mph (est)
    8.5 Feet
    59 square feet
    12.2 feet
    7.2 Feet
    105 lbs.

    We will teach you how to sail!**

    Purchase your Manta Landsailor from A Wind Of Change and we will teach you how to sail!   We're land sailers too and are more than happy to take you out to the dry lake beds and teach you everything you need to know to enjoy your new Land Yacht.**

    Shipping Charges

    The shipping charges already included with your order are estimated shipping charges (pre-selected option above).   Land Sailers can not be shipped via UPS or USPS.   We will calculate the exact shipping charges for your order and contact you once the order is ready to be shipped.   If there is any difference in the estimated shipping amount, we will contact you.   In the unusual event that shipping charges are more than the estimated amount, we will contact you regarding the difference.   You will be notified and informed of the total price including shipping before your order is completed.

    Heavy Duty Reinforced Rear Axle Upgrade

    Although the standard rear axle is very strong, we highly recommend upgrading your sailor with the heavy duty reinforced rear axle.   With the higher speeds we reach out on the dry lake beds and the bumps found at some beaches, the rear axle takes a ton of abuse.   with this upgrade, the possible damage to the rear axle under heavier loads will be minimized.

    All Manta Landsailors now come with the upgraded Heavy Duty Axle as standard.  The older standard axle is no longer produced.  This is a huge improvement in quality as well as durability.

    Custom Sail Colors

    The standard sail is included with every Manta Windjammer or Manta Twinjammer Landsailer.   This sail is mainly white and will have one or two primary colors.   We can also order you in custom colors if desired.   If you select a custom colored sail we will contact you after your order is placed to discuss the available colors and what your final design will be.   Each panel of the sail can be colored differently as well as the tip and the front mast pocket.

    **Sailing lessons are subject to scheduling times and weather conditions.   Normally we teach on the weekends depending on conditions.   Lessons are not available at all times.   We can do private scheduled lessons on request for an additional charge.   Please contact us directly for more information on lessons.

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