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*** Update regarding Manta Landsailors ***
To our friends, loyal customers and fellow land sailers. We regretfully announce that after almost 2 years of attempting to get in touch with Manta regarding yatchs and replacement parts, Nord, the new owner of Manta finally contacted us and infomed us that he desires to terminate our current arrangement and will no longer support us with Manta parts or Manta land sailors at this time. He has demanded that we remove all Manta parts and products from our website and we are no longer allowed to do anything publically that includes the Manta brand, this includes any mention of it in Google or other search engines. This was brought on because of our announcement regarding the severe difficulty and the lack of support with Manta in obtaining parts and supplies for the last 2+ years.

Nord claims that by trying to inform and caution you, our loyal customers, about the lack of parts and service from Manta that it was tarnishing the Manta name. We never intended to tarnish the Manta name or reputation, our goal was only to inform our customers of the difficulties we were having in trying to give good customer service regarding Manta. We here at A Wind Of Change have been supporting Manta and our land sailing customers for over 10 years and are very saddened by this strange turn of events.

Seeing as we now know that we will not be getting sailors, parts or support from Manta at this time, we have no other choice but to honor Nord's demands and remove what products we have left in stock from our website listings and we will no longer be selling Manta Landsailors. If any of our loyal customers are in need of parts for your yachts, please contact us via E-mail and we can check to see if it is anything we have in stock. We are very sorry for this unexpected change in Manta's dealer agreement with us and hope that one day we will once again be able to carry the Manta name.

For our loyal customers, we are currently working on producing our own brand of aftermarket replacement parts and hopefully in the near future will be able to offer another option of land yacht for the sailing community. We have already sourced a sail manufacturer which is going to be less expensive than what current sails sell for and hope to be able to offer a complete yacht for a much more affordable price. We will let everyone know as things progress.

For the reasons above, right now we highly suggest the Blokart land sailor as an alternative. Blokart has been producing land sailors for over 15 years and we have full stock on complete sailors and all replacement parts at all times! The Blokart can ship directly to your door via UPS or FedEx, no expensive freight. Most shipments take less than 5 days to arrive anywhere in the U.S. and the Blokart can go from shipping packages to full on sailing in less than 10 minutes without any tools!

Blokart fully supports the sailing community with yearly events, promotions and many accessories to allow you to customize your Blokart to your wildest desires. We have been using the Blokart land yachts for years for lessons, rentals and races and will validate their durability and ease of use.

You can purchase a Blokart here -> Blokart Landsailors

**Thank you for all your support. We sincerely appreciate each and every one of you!**

Manta - Discontinued - no longer available
Manta - Discontinued - no longer available
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