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Prism - Quantum
Prism - Quantum
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    Price: $110.00
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
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    Prism Quantum
    High-end technology in an entry-level package!
    The ultimate choice for new pilots and our most popular sport kite, the Prism Quantum boasts an impressive 7-foot wingspan!   Full-sized for serious pull and excitement in a wide wind range.   The Prism Quantum is carefully engineered to make learning a snap.   The Quantum's wide wind range, adjustable bridle and light but tough carbon fiber frame make it the kite you can learn on easily but never outgrow.

    Prism's innovative shock absorber tail and Kevlar-reinforced nose are designed to protect the Quantum from those unplanned landings and occasional lawn dart crash.   Once you've mastered the basics, a simple bridle adjustment will tune the Quantum for tighter turns, stronger pull and sporty control response.   The Quantum sport kite from Prism Kite Designs is built with the same precision and attention to detail as their top-end competition kites.   The Quantum is an easy kite to fly but still maintains tremendous fun, and is our first recommendation to anyone getting into this wonderful activity called sport kite flying.

    Once you pilot a serious high performance sport kite you'll never look back.   The Quantum is dual-line excitement in a complete package engineered for success.   Everything you need is included, from 100% pure Spectra lines, flight straps and winder to easy instructions printed right on the bag.   Rock steady tracking, solid pull, positive control feel, great colors, all thought out for you, and totally affordable.   The Quantum: A leap into the Future!

    Design Features:
    Crash protection for new pilots:
    Prism's innovative shock absorber tail system and Kevlar-reinforced nose are designed to protect your kite from those unplanned landings and give you years of fun and excitement.

    Advanced Tuning:
    A special bridle feature allows you to adjust the kite's responsiveness for your skill level.   Learn the basics with the forgiving setting.   For new pilots this provides easier control and wider turns.   As your skills advance, switch to the radical setting for snappy cornering, stronger pull and more advanced trick-ability.

    Adjustable Bridle:
    The bridle geometry is easy to fine tune for many different wind conditions.   The bridle comes pre-set from the factory for normal flight in average wind conditions but as everyone knows, average normal conditions are not always available when you get the chance to go out and fly.   The Prism Quantum features an innovative system that allows you to easily adjust the bridle for light to strong winds, giving you the ability to fly the Quantum in light breezes as well as strong blows!   Don't worry about changing your kites settings as the Quantum has pre-labeled tabs that make it simple and easy to not only change the settings of your kite - but allows you to put the settings back to their original place in a matter of seconds!

    Two Piece Leading Edge and Spreaders:
    The two piece leading edges and lower spreaders allow you to fold the kite down to 24" in minutes.   This allows you to easily transport your kite and also lets you fit the Quantum in a suitcase or backpack.

    Color-Coded Line Attachment Clips:
    Make it quick and easy to hook up your pre-sewn and looped lines to your kite, no knots required!!!

    Ready-to-fly package includes high performance, low stretch Spectra lines, winder, flight straps, and travel case.

    The perfect kite Beginner to intermediate pilots with room for only one kite!

      Skill Level:
    Wing Span:
    Wind Range:
    Flying Line:
    Beginner to Intermediate
    84" (213 cm)
    40.5" (103 cm)
    3 - 25mph (5 - 40kph)
    Moderate - Fast
    Medium - Strong
    Ripstop Nylon, Mylar laminates
    Pultruded Carbon
    150# x 85' Spectra
    • Quantum
    • Awesome 7-foot wingspan
    • Impressive pull in a wide wind range
    • Tough carbon frame with Kevlar-reinforced nose
    • Kinetic Dissipator system on spine absorbs unplanned landings
    • Forgiving and radical bridle settings for all skill levels
    • Collapsible leading edges for travel
    • Dual standoffs
    • High grip elastomer connectors
    • Ripstop nylon and laminate sail
    • Integral shock absorber in tail
    • Easy instructions printed on the travel case

    Prism Quantum - Citrus Color
    Prism Quantum - Ice Color
    Prism Quantum - Fire Color
    Prism Quantum - Spectrum Color

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