Ozone Power Kites : Octane
Kite Buggy at NABX

  Kite Buggying  

Blokart Land Sailor : landsailer
Sky Dog Kites Crossfire Pro by Dodd Gross

  Skydog - Crossfire  

Talon by Jest Of Eve Kites
Liama by Flying Wings Kites

  Liama Glider - Flying Wings Kites  

Manta Landsailors
Kite Ground Land Boarding

  Kite Landboarding  

Revolution Quad Line Kites, B-Series by John Baressi
Solus Dual Line Stunt Kite by Skyburner Kites
Revolution Zen Quad Line Sport Kite
2012 Frenzy Snowkite Video by Ozone Kites

click here to play this video

Video of Tim Benson flying the Deepspace

click here to play this video

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