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Photo Gallery

While you're here, check out these awesome videos.   To view some of these videos, you may need the latest codec's installed for your video player. Check with your video player manufacturer for the latest codec's and versions.

Finally!!!   We have High Resolution images of the 2007 NABX event for everyone to see.
Click here to see all the fun!
NABX 2007 Images
Well, we havent updated our video section for quite a while, but the wait was well worth it.   Here is some new awesome footage that was sent to us from our surfing buds over on the other side of the water doing some high-tech new style moves on the incredible Peter Lynn Venoms!   Handle passes, unhooked moves and some killer air time along with some brief land boarding shots.   They also added in some crazy boarding stuff on the edge of the beach - wonder if they ever heard of a boat?? Check this one out!
Broadband recommended (31.5 Meg .wmv file)   click here

Top Bug!!??
This was sent to me and I thought it was going to be a comedy type thing....was I ever wrong.
This has some awesome buggying interlaced with scenes from that Top army plane movie with that Tom dude in it.   Very tastefully done and very exciting to watch as well.   This has topped our video viewing chart as one of the best buggy clips around.   Awesome footage, great music, and some pretty hilarious scenes burried at the end.   A must for any buggy enthusiast.
Broadband recommended (35.6 Meg .wmv file)   click here

Buggy Time!!
Here is a buggy video for those days when you are stuck behind your computer and just can't get out and ride!   These are some awesome shots from the Gravity Games and one of the few Buggy Videos we have been able to come up with.
Broadband recommended (8.27 Meg .wmv file)   click here

Here's some pictures of my Revolution 1.5 SLE stack and the new Power Blast 4-8. Hope you like 'em.
I resized a bunch of them for you to use as wallpaper.
Revolution Kite Pics.

Peter Lynn kite Boarding sent team rider Stephan Cook out to California for a...test/promo?...riiight. What they got was an excellent time riding up and down the southern coast of Cali and Baja Mexico.   Tip Flip productions brings us some awesome wave riding stuff and sets you back to why kitesurfing is so addictive in the first place.   Many riders can relate to the blissful feeling of just you, the kite, a steady breeze and miles of rolling waves and crystal clear water.   The new generation Twin-Skin kites come through again with solid performance and excellent handling.   Check out this great video.   This video incorporates a new codec file and may not play in standard windows players.   If you experience difficulty, download the free DIVX player from http://www.divx.com
Broadband recommended (97 Meg .avi file)   click here

With permission from Peter Lynn, we are now able to bring you the Guerilla instructional video online.   For those of you who are interested in purchasing one of these great kites but are wondering on how it works, this is a great video.   It takes you from basic setup to hooking up the bar, inflation of the kite, self launching/landing, flying and much much more.
Broadband recommended (96 Meg .Zip file)   click here

Guerilla's on the move!     You asked for it, you got it!   This new Guerilla video rocks!   Download it and you'll get chills!   See awesome Guerilla riders having more fun than is allowed in some third world countries!   (Warning! Explicit Lyrics)
Click here for broadband connections (70.4 Meg) - AVI file
Click here for a smaller version of the same file (18.3 Meg) - WMV file

Its called Arcaholics and is well worth the download.
Arcaholics Video (69 Meg).

Picture of my F-12 at our local park. Not the best picture but looks kewl.
F-12 ARC

Launching some big air on an ARC 630
arc630.wmv (16.7 Meg)

A Bunch of riders decided to tear up Colac Bay in New Zealand - excellent
colacbay.wmv (35.6 Meg)

Great video of an F-ARC in flight - short but sweet.
f-arcFR.wmv (9.73 Meg)

This is Rod (AKA F12-flier, AKA G-Arcer) doing more of his amazing stuff - excellent video! Gotta check out these moves!
F-ArcingAround.wmv (9.25 Meg)

Video of the Flysurfer - these guys have way too much fun!
fly-your-dream.wmv (29.6 Meg)

Rod putting the New Guerilla 10 to the test.
G-10video.wmv (9.01 Meg)

This is pure insanity at its peak. Just plain crazy!
kiteflying-502.wmv (1.32 Meg)

Darrin and Rohan load up the pre-prod. Guerilla G-12 and insane F-16 and do some playing.
me-and-rohan.wmv (3.24 Meg)

F-16 with some incredible hang time! Beach jumping and a little water.
movie2.wmv (1.76 Meg)

Rod plays hard with his F-ARC 9m. Great footage, excelent!
PointWalterF-arc9m.wmv (16.7 Meg)

Not sure where I got this one but it is cool, some great snowboarding and surfing.
surf-and-snowboarding.mov (1.54 Meg)

More FlySurfer video. Great stuff.
Webfly.mpg (30.2 Meg)

Wanna see how to self launch any ARC? Check out this small vid.
Arclaunching.wmv (1.22 Meg)

Here is some great snowkiting stuff.
Boomwinter_f.asf (33 Meg)

More to come, check back soon!!

IF you have any Video(s) of your own for us, send them on over, we LOVE this stuff!

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