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A BIG thank you!   You folks are GREAT!   The kite arrived today so Father's Day will be a memorable one for my son.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you!   What a refreshing feeling to have such wonderful service like you have offered me.   I sincerely appreciate your efforts in getting the kite to me.   Keep up the wonderful phone service.

Thanks again,

Just wanted to let you know that the 2 Rev's I ordered yesterday arrived this morning!!   Thanks so very much.   Today was a perfect test day for the SUL.   1-5 mph winds.   Not enough for my Rev 1 but a lot of fun for the SUL.   So I got to fly kites today instead of sitting home praying for more wind.   Now I need a 15mph+ day to test the Vented!!

Thanks again for your superior service.


I talked to my new best buddy, Kent, at A Wind Of Change Kites today about some of this...... he's been extremely nice and informative and I really appreciate his enthusiasm and knowledge and his taking the time to help educate me...   Kent recommended the Ozone LD Stunt last week and after today, I had to call and tell him that he helped me pick a really awesome kite... well worth the cost and completely suited to what I really was looking for...

Kent is now my kite guru and I've been purchasing most of my kites from him.   His advice is right on the money from my own experience and he couldn't have recommended better choices in kites for my preferences than if he was standing right next to me handing me kite after kite after kite...


Dear A Wind Of Change,

I called more than a dozen shops looking for a yellow & black John Baressi Signature Series Rev.   I then called Revolution direclty and they referred me to you guys.   This seemed strange at the time, but I just have to say how amazed I am with your store.   Nobody else had the kite I wanted in stock but one call to you guys and just two days later it is in my hands.   I can't believe how fast you got the kite to me when everyone else was saying it would be at least two weeks or longer to order it in.   Now I know why Revolution referred me to you (btw, even they didn't have one available for me).   The lady on the phone was so pleasant to talk to and she answered all of my questions.   She even changed one of the frames for me for no charge which was very sweet of her ~ thank you again!!!

I am still amazed at how fast my kite was delivered.   I didn't think there would be any way I would be able to fly this weekend with my friends but you made it happen.   Yesterday I told Linda that I ordered the kite in but she'll never believe me that it has already arrived.   She had to wait over two weeks for hers to be delivered to her.   This weekend is going to be a blast!!!!!!

I just had to send you an email saying how impressed I am with your store and how fun it was ordering from you, I will be doing all of my kite business with you from now on and I am sure Linda and her husband will be too!

Julie P


Package arrived today and everything looks fine.   Thank you for all of your time on the phone, I know I can be a real pain but you have been more than patient with all my issues.

We are heading out tomorrow and I am thrilled beyond belief that I can take my new kites out with and share them with my family.   I didn't know if they would make it here on time, but like you said, they arrived no problem.   I will highly recommend your shop to everyone I meet.   Dealing with you and your store has been the best online shopping experiences I have ever had and it is mainly because of your customer service that has gone well above and beyond the norm.



I wanted to let you know that I called your competitor before calling you guys.   Wow, what a difference!   That guy blew me off and was major rude and treated me like an idiot.   I know I don't know anything about kites, but you guys at least helped me learn what I needed to do and how start out.   I love my 3m Hornet and will be ordering in a 5m and a buggy in the next few weeks when I get paid.     You guys were great to talk to and helped me pick out a kite that has been so much fun that every day I spend my time lookin at the trees and hoping I can go out and fly again. I am sending all my friends to you guys so you can sell them some kites too!   I hope you stay in business for a long time because if I have to deal with your competitor I will find another hobby.

Thank you Kent for taking the time to help me out.   Keep up the great service, you got my business and everyone else I can send to you!   You guys rock!

Alden G.

Above testimonials are from e-mails received and posts from online public discussion forums.
A Wind Of Change thanks all of our customers for their wonderful words and wishes everyone many Happy Winds!

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