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HQ - Rush III Pro Trainer Kite
HQ - Rush III Pro Trainer Kite
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $180.00
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
    Select Size:
    Rush III 250 Pro
    Rush III 300 Pro (add $38.49)
    Rush III 350 Pro (add $79.99)

    Rush III PRO – Never Grounded

    The Rush III Pro comes with an all new shape, new profile and even more performance.   The Rush III Pro series are the easiest kites to learn flying.   Every model of Rush III PRO kites comes equipped with a third center line for effortless reverse relaunches and ultimate safety, the Rush III Pro series is the perfect trainer kite for pilots wanting to learn and master board oriented kite sports that normally use a control bar system and multiple lines.   Even if you are just looking for a fun, easy to fly kite to drag you around at your local pard, the Rush III Pro is the perfect choice.   When the winds pick up, this awesome trainer kite becomes a serious power performer that can even pull you in a kite buggy, on a snowboard or even a mountain board.

    3 Line Control and Safety

    The Rush III Pro kites from HQ gives you the ultimate in safety and control by utilizing a third line that runs through the center of the bar to the trailing edge of the sail.   This line is connected to the supplied safety kite leash so that in the event of a sudden burst of power or unexpected wind gust, the bar can be dropped, allowing the safety system to be automatically deployed.   Virtually killing all the power of the kite and allowing the kite to safely drop to the ground.

    This third line also helps relaunch the kite after landing or crashing the kite upside down.   Pull one side of the control bar, pull in the third line safety system and your Rush III Pro kite will roll over into the launch position.   No more needing someone to go out and flip your kite over for you.   The Rush III Pro is a super stable, easy to fly trainer that will give you hours of fun while you learn the basics of power kiting.

    • Easy reverse relaunch with third line.
    • Low aspect ratio sail gives stable flying characteristics that resists overflying and luffing.
    • Smooth constant pull throughout the entire wind window.
    • Wide wind range.
    • Ready to fly right out of the bag with flying lines, control bar and safety leach already attached.
    • Perfect first step for serious pilots looking to get into the exciting sport of power kiting.
    • Durable, high quality construction with ample reinforcements and the highest quality materials available.
    • cool, easy to carry triangle backpack with extra storage pockets.
    • Every Rush III PRO package includes Kite, Bag, Control Bar, High Quality Dyneema Flying Lines, Safety Leash and Trainer Kite Guide Manual.

    Rush III PRO Specifications
    Size 250 300 350
    Flat Area

    Flat Span


    Flat A/R













    Wind Range
    2-6 bft
    10-45 km/h
    6-28 mph
    5-24 knots
    2-6 bft
    8-45 km/h
    5-28 mph
    4-24 Knots
    2-5 bft
    8-38 km/h
    5-24 mph
    4-21 Knots
    Dyneema Lines
    3x20 m
    175kp   3x25 m
    Control Option 50cm 3 line Control Bar
    with safety leash system

    Rush III Pro Demo Video - Click play to watch the Rush III in action.

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