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Flying Wings - Acrobatx
Flying Wings - Acrobatx
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $95.00
    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
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    UL (Ultra Light) +$48.00
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    Acrobatx by Flying Wings

    Actobatx by Flying Wings - 2006 Kite Of The Year!
    The Actobatx is the
    2006 Kite of the year!!
    Get yours today and own
    The Best Kite of 2006!

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    Name: Acrobatx
    Style: Freestyle
    Frame: 6mm Carbon
    Sail: Ripstop Nylon
    Bridle: 3 point
    Wingspan: 86.5"
    Skill: Intermediate to
    Wind: 3-20 mph
    Our Price:

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    The following review says it all: "Taking into account that all of our opinions are based on personal flying styles, the Acrobatx from Flying Wings proved to be a wonderful trick kite with a solid amount of precision for the Intermediate level... Price for performance, this just might be the best kite of 2006!" - John Barresi, Kitelife Magazine
    The Acrobatx is the newest marvel from Flying Wings and has already been givin awesome reviews from some of the best known names in the kiting industry.

    The Acrobatx standard comes complete, ready to fly with flying line, straps, kite, manual, and a heavy duty nylon bag that has individual pockets inside the bag to hold your line, straps, and even your spars/spreaders.
    The Acrobatx UL comes with kite and heavy duty nylon bag. Lines and straps are not included.

    The Acrobatx is pre-weighted at the factory so adding extra weights to the kite is not needed.   The weights can be removed for normal flying simply by pulling the velcro tab on the bottom spine, removing the weight, and re-fastening the Velcro tab....all in about 15 seconds.

    The Acrobatx also sports features that are normally only found on high dollar kites such as yo-yo stops, wrapped leading edges, and adjustable bridle knots.   But that's not all!   The Acrobatx also has a new innovation that is sure to make its way into kites of the future.   Vertical micro-thin, lightweight spars running from trailing edge pockets up to the upper spreader rod help keep the sail tentioned at all times, making light wind flight smoother and more predictable.   Adjustable pull strings on the wing tips help make the Acrobatx easy to set up and tension the sail without having to break your knuckles stretching bungee's.   Just pull the string through the knock until the sail is tensioned, the unique knot design helps hold the string in place while you slide your holding cap over the line.

    The Acrobatx is an amazing sport kite that challenges even the highest dollar kites on the market but does so without breaking your bank account.   This is one kite that should be in everyone's kite bag!!

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