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Flying Wings - Soul
Flying Wings - Soul
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    The Soul from Flying Wings
    Free your Soul!

    Flying Wings has been known throughout the kiting industry for making some of the best beginner kites on the market.   The Beetle has set a benchmark in beginner kites that are not only super fun to fly but are extremely durable.   Everyone was skeptical when Flying Wings brought out the Acrobatx as a fantastic tricking kite but were in total agreement when it took home the coveted 2006 kite of the year award.

    Flying wings didn't stop there.   They immediately took the Acrobatx to the next level with the Silver Fox series, their first full sized performance stunt kite geared for the advanced pilot.   The Silver Fox series set a new benchmark for affordability, durability and build quality.   Next step, enter the Soul!

    Click here for a review on the Soul.

    The new Soul is once again setting a standard for the high end competition series kites with flying characteristics that challenge the best kites and pilots on the market with affordability.   Flying wings didn't stop at making a high end kite that does it all, they also continued with their innovative ideas and have incorporated some great ones with the Soul that is sure to be used in many kites to come.   Some of the great features of this kite are listed below:

    • Double stacked Yo-Yo stoppers already installed so you have double the chance of catching the line when the kite is rolled up.
    • 100% PC31 Icarex sail with mylar reinforcement.
    • Stunning sail graphics sewn with poly-reinforced thread.
    • Optional 5g. tail weight included with every kite.
    • Mylar reinforced trailing edge and spine for durability and stability.
    • New innovative fold-away stand off clips.   This allows you to store your kite away without having to crinkle up the trailing edge.   It also makes for a perfectly smooth back-side of the kite for a no-snag finish.
    • Double wear patches on the front and back of the sail where the Upper Spreader comes in contact.
    • Turbo Bridle setup with added poly tubing where the bridle line comes in contact with the lower spreader. This keeps your bridle line and spreader from getting excessive wear.
    • 100% wrapped tapered carbon frame.
    • Center adjustable leach line.
    • Fully wrapped leading edge for less line snags.
    • Extreme nose detail, double stitched and folded with added material to make the nose of the kite perfectly smooth with very little chance of any material poking up over time.   This gives the nose a beautiful "No-Snag" finish.
    • Diamond patterned storage sleeve with color coded edging and embroidered patch that match the color of the kite.   The storage bag also has a waterproof backing sewn into the inside.
    • Extra long bridle leaders that allow the kite to be wrapped up without putting excessive wear on your flying lines.
    • Stunning asian graphics/symbol sewn into the Storage bag and Sail that say "Soul" of course.
    The Soul has everything you would expect from a top of the line high end stunt kite...and more!   This kite is sure to be the go-to kite for many professional stunt kite pilots and is capable of taking your current skills to the professional level.   So, how does the Soul fly? Most pilots who have the Soul or have flown it say that it is capable of doing any trick you can throw at it.

    For more videos, click HERE! (opens in new browser window).

    Soul Specifications:
    Size (W x L)
    Designed by
    Wind Range
    Sail Fabric

    Flying Line
    8 foot x 36.1 inches
    Flying Wings Kites
    3 - 20 mph
    PC31 Icarex
    Wrapped Tapered Carbon
    Dynamic 15, T18
    Deluxe Kite Sleeve - Expandable
    Recommended 90 lb. Spectra line
    *Line/Straps Not included.
    Click pictures below for larger images (opens in new window)
    Soul Covered Leading Edge
    Soul Folding Stand Off
    Soul Nose Detail
    Soul Removable Tail Weight Soul Bridle PVC Tubing
    Soul Center Adjustable Leach Line
    Soul Color Options

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