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Flying Wings - Wala
Flying Wings - Wala
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    Price: $68.00
    Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
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    The Wala from Flying Wings (also knows as the Flying Wings Aerobe) is designed to "glide" in both indoor and outdoor in winds ranging from zero to 15 mph.   The Wala is one kite that can do it all.   The Wala is very balanced and can be controlled to glide elegantly by pulling or releasing the flying line.   The Wala is extremely versatile and can also be flown as a zero to light wind indoor or outdoor kite, or with a simple change of the center "T" connector, can be flown as a traditional single line kite in low to mild wind conditions up to 15 mph!

    Even in super light wind conditions where normal kites won't fly, the Wala from Flying Wings can!   This kite is simple to fly and is the perfect kite for the whole family.   When the winds are up, hold it in the air and away it goes. Simple, easy, no fuss!   Attach the included ribbon tail for even more excitement and fun.   In zero or super light wind, kids will have a blast because the Wala will fly as the kids run back and forth.   Adults have tons of fun with this great kite because of its indoor capability.   With gentle smooth backward steps, the Wala can be flown and glided in every direction giving the skilled indoor pilot 360 degrees of flying and excitement!   Turns, spins, up-n-overs and launches are smooth and agile.   Fly it like a graceful indoor glider or aggressive like a fighter, the Wala is a great kite that is built for everyone who flies!

    The Flying Wings Wala is available in 4 colors: Purple, Blue, Yellow and Gray.

    Flying Wings Aerobe Wala

    Every Wala comes ready to fly in a easy to carry packate and includes:
    • Wala kite
    • Nylon storage sleeve
    • 150' of flying line on a easy to hold line winder
    • Color matching nylon ribbon tail
    • Full color instructional brochure
    • Tons of fun!!!

    Outdoor flying with the Flying Wings Wala (also known as the Aerobe)

    Indoor flying with the Flying Wings Wala (also known as the Aerobe)

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