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HQ - Hydra Kite Surfing Trainer Kite
HQ - Hydra Kite Surfing Trainer Kite
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $275.49
    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
    Select Model:
    300 - Orange
    350 - Green (add $57.00)
    420 - Blue/Orange *NEW* (add $124.00)

    Hydra Kite surfing Trainer from HQ Kites

    Over 70% of the earth`s surface is covered by water – now you can train on it.   HQ–Powerkites proudly introduces the Hydra, the world`s first and only water relaunchable trainerfoil.   Extremely stable and easy to fly, this closed cell ram–air foil has no bladders to inflate or replace, yet it floats on water.   A third line provides the safety system and the ability to reverse launch, making it perfect for use with absolute beginners.   The Hydra flies great in low winds and generates plenty of pull for bodydrags when the wind is strong.

    • Ready to fly out of the bag - lines are already attached.
    • Relaunches from any position with the included 3rd line system.
    • Pops open ready to fly, no assembly required.
    • Flies stable and steady - perfect for the beginner looking to learn the basics for kite surfing or kite boarding.
    • Closed cell system provides water relaunchability.
    • Inflates by itself - no bladders to pop or fill.
    • Professional quality with sewn ripstop nylon sail
    • Comes ready to fly including high quality Dyneema flying line.
    • Super easy to fly with safety leash system included.
    • Internal drainage system with velcro dirt-outs in each wing tip.
    • Stitched Dyneema bridle for strength.
    The Hydra from HQ is the perfect trainer for people looking to learn kite surfing.   The Hydra comes with a fully interactive control bar system, even though the Hydra is not a depowerable kite, it is still very similar to the control systems used on the full size surf kites.   The Hydra lets you learn more because it is also water-relaunchable, allowing you to not only master the art of power kite flying, but also learn some of the more intricate kite surfing basics such as body dragging and water-relaunching.   The Hydra comes in two distinct sizes, the 300 for good solid pull and finess with plenty of grunt power to drag you around in the stronger winds and the larger 350 for even more pull for the heavier pilots who want to experience the thrill of power kiting.

    Both models come fully complete, ready to fly right out of the comfortable sling-pack.   Just lay the kite out, roll off the lines, connect the safety leash system and you are ready for some awesome fun and excitement!

    Hydra Specifications:
    Flat Area
    (sq. meters)
    Flat Span
    (sqm meters)
    Height (cm)
    Flat AR
    # of Cells
    Wind Range
    5-28 mph
    8-45 km/h
    2-6 bft
    4-24 Knots
    5-24 mph
    8-38 km/h
    2-5 bft
    4-21 Knots
    Dyneema Line
    Set (Incl.)
    175 kp / 385 lb
    3 x 25 Meters
    220 kp / 485 lb
    3 x 25 Meters
    Control Option
    50cm Control Bar
    50cm Control Bar
    Hydra 300
    HQ Hydra Water Relaunchable Kite Boarding Trainer Kite
    Orange / White
    Hydra 350
    Hydra 350 Kiteboarding Trainer Kite
    Green / White

    Hydra Fast Easy Setup Video

    Hydra Control & Water Relaunching Video

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