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Ozone - Standard Quad Line Set
Ozone - Standard Quad Line Set
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $55.95
    Shipping Weight: 3.00 pounds
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    Keep your Ozone kites flying the right way with genuine Ozone Factory Replacement Parts.

    Ozone Standard Quad Line Sets are the original replacement linesets for nearly the entire Ozone range of kites.   These linesets are direct replacements for the Flow, Fury, Samuari (1 & 2), Haka, Riot, Yakuza, Yakuza GT, Little Devil, DP Series kites, Imp Quattro and the new Ozone Method (available late 2010).

    All standard linesets are available in lengths of 15 meter, 20 meter, 25 meter and 30 meter.   Longer lines gives you a larger wind window to fly in which will help increase the amount of time the kite stays in the power which can increase the overall power the kite produces.   Shorter lines will make the kite much more responsive and faster to turn while getting the kite out of the power zone quicker.   The length of lines that are right for you will depend on what you want out of your kite and the size of your flying area.

    All Ozone kites 3 meter and smaller are supplied with the 20 meter linesets.   Kites 3.5 meter and larger in size are usually supplied with the 25 meter lineset.

    All Ozone lines are produced right at the Ozone factory and made to strict standards.   Each lineset is pre-stretched and heat treated to lock in the braid which eliminates line creep.  : All sets are also color coded for easy identification, sleeved and stitched to eliminate line tangles from knots and include sewn on number tags making it easy to connect to your Ozone kite.   Just connect number 1 to number 1 and you will know that your lines are hooked up the right way!

    These linesets can be used on any 4 line fixed bridle power kite, regardless of manufacturer.   The two main flying lines are 400. lb test (180 kg), the brake lines are 240 lb. test (110 kg).   Lines come pre-wound on Ozone's multi-use integrated line winder with bungee keeper cord.

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