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Peter Lynn - Gear Pack Pro
Peter Lynn - Gear Pack Pro
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $169.00
    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
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    Have you ever got to your favorite flying field, only to find out that you have forgotten something and are not going to be able to ride?   Professional kite fliers know what it takes to ride, and that means a lot of gear.   The problem is that all that gear is hard to keep together and sometimes, things get misplaced or even lost.

    The Peter Lynn Gear Pack Pro bag is specifically designed to keep all your gear neat, orderly and all in one place!   This large bag is the kite fliers dream come true!

    The Peter Lynn Gear Pack Pro is large enough to hold up to 6 or more kites, lines, handles, tools and all your other accessories including your snow board or mountain board.   This bag makes it easy to trek all your gear to your favorite flying field, or allows you to easily toss one bag into your trunk and know that you have all your kiting gear ready to go!   The Peter Lynn Gear Pack Pro has a whopping 5.1 cubic feet of storage space (145 Ltr.)!   The main storage area is completely accessible through the large zippered opening, allowing complete access to everything inside.   There is also an opening at the top that is secured by a draw string and covering flap.   There is also secure mesh areas on the side for your control bar, extra adjustable straps for your mountain or snow board and internal storage areas for you lines and handles.

    The Peter Lynn Gear Pack Pro is available in cool blue or striking red with black accents.

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