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Peter Lynn - Hornet
Peter Lynn - Hornet
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    Price: $189.00
    Shipping Weight: 5.00 pounds
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    The Hornet from Peter Lynn

    Are you ready for some serious wind-powered action in the buggy or landboarding or just powering up at the local park?   The 4-line Hornet from world known designer and current record holder Peter Lynn is ready to serve!   The Hornet is a great flying kite with excellent stability, easy handling and a predictable power delivery that gives it wonderful behavior while still providing excellent and amazing power.   It has the feel and handling of a 2-line kite with the added performance and control of a quad line kite.   The Peter Lynn Hornet is a true 4-line kite, with all advantages of 4-line flying such as easy self launching, easy self landing, speed through the turns with pivot-style rotation and control.   The Hornet doesn't just provide superior power and stinging looks, it also delivers performance and durability.   The Hornet is made of ultra high quality Ripstop Nylon, has a solid construction with extra reinforcements in the leading edge, trailing edge and all through the interior of the kite.   The Hornet also has stitched bridle loops that are engineered for a no-tangle setup and designed so it can handle some hard crashes with ease.

    The Peter Lynn Hornet complete package comes with everything you need to fly including:
    • High quality quad line power kite.
    • 100% Dyneema line set that is matched, sleeved and stitched for easy hook-up and durability.
    • Color coded EVA foam handles for easy identification.
    • High strength velcro quick-release kite killer safety system.
    • Beautiful and rugged technical backpack large enough to hold all the gear, labled for easy kite identification.
    • Kite stake with Peter Lynn logo kite sleeve.
    • Full print color instruction manual.
    • Cool Peter Lynn swag.
    All this makes the Hornet from Peter Lynn Kites the ultimate all-round fun kite.   So if you want to get into the sport and just want one kite that can do it all, the Hornet is the kite to get your hands on.      Enjoy!

    Flying Characteristics:
    Easy handling!
    The Peter Lynn Hornet responds very precise to your input but is still really forgiving in flight.   The kite steers easy with simple 2-line style of control so you can control your kite right from the start and take your time mastering your quad line skills.   This does not mean the Hornet is not challenging to fly, the Hornet is a true power kite and can deliver solid pulling performance that will amaze you.

    Constant Power:
    The Hornet delivers a very smooth and continuous power.   You don't need to constantly work the kite to get it to perform, the power of the Hornet builds up smoothly and very predictable right when you bring it through the window so there is no "arm-yanking" unpredictable surprises.   This smooth power allows you to keep the kite flying smoothly and controllably through the power window and up to the edge of the window, making it easy to concentrate on your buggy or board instead of worrying about the kite falling or collapsing out of the air.   The wonderful power delivery of the Hornet makes this kite the perfect kite to take yoru first steps into any of the fun and challenging kite traction sports.


    The Hornet is an incredibly stable foil so there's no need to be focused on the kite at all times just to keep it in the air.   The profile has been computer designed and professionally tested for optimal stability, especially at the zenith or edge of the wind window making it easy for first time pilots to learn the control and power as well as letting beginner buggiers or boarders master their vehicle without worry.   If you are after pure fun without the hassle, the Hornet is the kite you need!   The Hornet is a kite that can also grow with your skills.   When the winds get crazy and strong, which usually means gusty difficult flying conditions, many professional buggiers turn to the Hornet because of it's incredible stability and smooth predictable power.

    Constant flying speed:
    The Hornet has a very predictable flying behavior and its flying - and turning speed - are predictable and constant throughout the entire range of sizes.   The Hornet does not suddenly burst out of control with uncontrolled acceleration which can unexpectidly pull you out of your buggy or off your board.   This allows you to stay in control at all times and concentrate on improving your skills.   The Hornet combines ease of flying with excellent power delivery, making it an all-around FUN kite to fly.


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