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Peter Lynn - Twister Power Kite
Peter Lynn - Twister Power Kite
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $355.00
    Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
    Select Size:
    3.0 Meter
    4.0 Meter (add $40)
    5.0 Meter (add $110)
    6.5 Meter (add$190)
    Select Control Option:


    The Peter Lynn Twister comes complete, ready to fly with rugged interactive backpack, Twister II power kite, numbered quad line set, color coded handles, kite killer safety system, kite stake with Peter Lynn logo sleeve, color instructional manual, Peter Lynn sticker and Keychain.

    Control handle package can be swapped out for the Peter Lynn 4 line control bar for an additional charge.

    KITE ONLY only option is sold with kite, color instruction manual, and rugged interactive backpack only. **NO LINES OR CONTROL GEAR**.

    The Twister from Peter Lynn Kites

    Want to get some air time?   The Twister makes it possible to instantly transform your land board, snow board or buggy into a flying machine!   This predictable kite gives rock solid power throughout the whole wind window so the rider is at ease pulling off floating jumps and smooth arial transactions.   Topped off by quick handling and controlled flying speed, the stable lift feels safe on the Twister.   Built on the solid foundation of the original Twister power kite from Peter Lynn, this fourth generation Twister has finely tuned in the awesome aspects of the original Twister with better performance, tighter turns, smoother lift, increased durability and overall improvements across the entire sail.   The Twister is the best choice for people who want a kite with good lift yet easy flying behavior.   The Twister is packaged with control handles but can be easily fitted with the optional 4-line control bar or if you already have control gear, you can purchase the Twister as "Kite Only".   The Twister can be configured to suit your personal preference and riding style.
    The Peter Lynn Twister comes as a complete package containing everything you need to fly including:
    • High quality quad line power kite.
    • 100% Dyneema line set that is matched, sleeved and stitched for easy hook-up and durability.
    • Color coded EVA foam handles for easy identification.
    • High strength kite killers.
    • Beautiful and rugged technical backpack large enough to hold all the gear, labeled for easy kite identification.
    • Kite stake with Peter Lynn logo kite sleeve.
    • Full print color instruction manual.
    • Peter Lynn key chain and awesome sticker.
    All this makes the Twister from Peter Lynn Kites the ultimate powerhouse kite.   So if you want to get into the sport and just want one kite that can do it all, the Twister is the kite to get your hands on.      Enjoy!

    Flying Characteristics:
    Easy and quick handling!
    The Twister is very responsive to movements on control handles or control bar, making it easy to whip the kite back for awesome air and hang time.   Even when flying the kite on a control bar, the Twister still steers direct and quick, like it is being flown on handles.   This makes it a great kite for riders who prefer the control bar but don't like the sluggish feel that other kites deliver.

    Constant Power:
    The Twister has solid pull throughout the complete wind window, making it more fun for the less experienced buggier or land boarder; but provides wonderful punch and lift for the experience rider looking for some hang time.   The kite accelerates in both the down stroke as well as the upstroke, making it easy and pleasant to fly.

    Controlled Flying Speed:
    The Twister is a medium-high aspect ratio kite, giving the Twister remarkably fast flying speed while still having very predictable flying behavior.   The Twister does not suddenly accelerate with an explosive punch which is great for people wanting to improve their buggying, land boarding or snow kiting skills quickly and comfortably.

    Good solid lift:
    The Twister features a good lift for easy jumps and transitions.   The Twister keeps a good pull at the edge, getting you up in the air with ease.   The lift combined with the predictable flying behaviour enables you to get your jumps sorted quickly and advance into some really awesome freestyle action!

    The Twister has great power and super lift, but that is all worthless without stability to give you confidence to use the kite to get extreme air.   The Twister is, like all Peter Lynn kites, a stable foil, making it easy to get used to the kite's flying behavior and gain confidence that the kite is going to behave exactly as expected.   The more you fly the Twister, the more comfortable you can become and once you've got the feel with it, you can start to do some crazy tricks with your land board, snow ski's, snow board or freestyle maneuvers with your buggy.

    Twister II Features:
    • Medium aspect ratio for a faster and more lifty kite without losing easy handling and stability
    • Specially designed profile with a solid strong pull over a large segment of the wind window
    • Stitched bridle lines to minimize drag and prevent bridle tangles
    • Cross-Vented profiles to ensure the complete kite easily fills with air, improving stability, launching and recovery
    • Rock solid construciton combined with specifically chosen materials to ensure maximum durability and performance
    • Numbered bridle loops, flying lines and handles to ensure correct attachment of the flyinglines and handles to the kite
    • Flying lines with stitched sleeves to minimize the chance of bridles or flying lines getting hooked on the sleeving
    • Velcro bridle loop sewn into the leading edge of the kite to store your bridle lines properly while packing up
    • Large velcro dirt-outs in each wing to make it easy to remove sand or other foriegn debris that may find its way into the kite
    Of Cells
    Twister 3.0
    Twister 4.0
    Twister 5.0
    Twister 6.5

    Every Peter Lynn Twister comes complete, ready to fly with rugged interactive backpack, Twister II power kite, numbered quad line set, color coded handles, kite killer safety system, kite stake with Peter Lynn logo sleeve, color instructional manual, Peter Lynn sticker and Keychain.

    Kite only option is sold with kite, color instruction manual rugged interactive backpack.

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