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Premier - 10.5 Foot Double Box Delta
Premier - 10.5 Foot Double Box Delta
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    Quantity in Basket: None
    Price: $100.50
    Shipping Weight: 6.00 pounds
    Select Color:

    10.5 Foot Box Deltas -
    Easy to fly - Beautiful to fly - Durable - Professional Grade Materials - Years of Enjoyment for All Ages - Excellent Value and Quality - There are many ways Premier Kites sets themselves apart from the competition.   One way is by offering a wide selection of the highest quality delta kites the market has ever seen.   All Premier Delta Kites are Applique assembled with precision and beauty that will astound you for years of flying.

    Wind Range:


    122 x 43 in. 310 x 109 cm.
    7 to 20 mph
    Fiberglass and Hardwood Dowels
    Nylon Case
    Recomended 150 lb. test line.
    (not included)
    6 to Adult
    These kites are not cheap printed vinyl glued onto plastic sticks.   These kites are built with high quality materials and designed for flying (even though they also look great as wall decorations in your child's room).   Professional grade rip-stop nylon sails that are professionally sewn (not just melted or glued) and assembled with flexible fiberglass leading edges and hardwood dowel spreaders.   Premier's Applique Deltas represent the widest selection of themes and sizes in the entire industry.   Premier's box delta kites range in sizes from a 60 inch delta (over 5 1/2 foot wingspan) to the amazing double box deltas with incredible 10 & 1/2 foot wingspans.

    Box delta's give an interesting twist to the classic box kite, adding stunning colors and ultra stability. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary but don't want the hassles of complicated assembly the box delta's by Premier are sure to satisfy.
    10.5 Foot Double Box Delta - Red Storm
    Red Storm
    10.5 Foot Double Box Delta - Patriotic
    10.5 Foot Double Box Delta - Rainbow

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