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Premier Parafoil P-5 (20 in. X 32 in.)
Premier Parafoil P-5 (20 in. X 32 in.)
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    Price: $29.95
    Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
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    The P-5 is our most popular Parafoil.

    Parafoils are completely reliable, unbreakable, and require no assembly whatsoever. This strutless design is absolutely the most ingenious ever created for unlimited durability and maximum wind range. Parafoils have no rigid frame, so there are no spars or rods to break. Parafoils are made from the same high quality ripstop nylon as expensive power kites so the sail will say crisp and problem free for many years of enjoyment.

    Parafoils are an excellent and exciting kite for all ages. 3-4 years old and up can enjoy this beautiful and trouble free kite. The kite comes complete and ready to fly with handy nylon storage bag with draw string tie, 500' of 50 lb. test line on a Yo-Yo winder/handle, multi-color tail and instructions. Just clip the line and tail to the kite, hold the kite up in the wind and fly! Recommended wind range for the P-5 Parafoil is 6 to 20 MPH. Parafoils could very well be the easiest kites in the world to fly.

    Parafoils come Neon, Rainbow, Cool, and new Patriotic color schemes. Sizes range from the Pocket Foil (9in. X 15in.) to the incredibly large Flo Foil (42in. X 64in.) Parafoils make a great stocking stuffer, birthday present or gift for any occasion and are loved by both boys and girls. Whatever the occasion, parafoils will always provide many hours of enjoyment.


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