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Revolution New York Minute
Revolution New York Minute
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    Revolution New York Minute

    A brisk stroll through the park, your standard Friday evening habitual as you try to unwind from the weekly grind of every day life.   Work, your boss, car repairs, grocery shopping, weekend chores that pile up and never seem to get completed, stress, stress and more stress it seems.
    You notice the leaves from last fall beginning to be more scarce and trees are beginning to blossom with the first comings of spring, the days are getting warmer.   As you stroll along pondering your next week's activities, out of the corner of your eye you catch a glimpse of color flowing past you at a unusual pace. Turning you see a kite, dancing and gliding effortlessly on the gentle spring breeze.

    In a trance you watch as it displays flowing turns, snap stalls and rushing accelerations, graceful taps on the ground which rebound into bursts of speed into the air.   As the forces of mother nature increase the kite just absorbs it and uses it as power to rise above the forces and glide even higher, even mother nature can't hold it back.   The pilot slowly comes over and with some simple and basic instructions, places the control handles in your hands.   A quick tug and the kite rushes towards the sky, a flick of the wrist and it obeys, turns and darts back and forth.   Incredible precision and smoothness gives you confidence as you begin to lust for more.   A few moments of controlling this gentle bird like flying object gives you a calming feeling in your mind, anxiety melts away and a smile comes over your face.   Pure control, beauty and gentle grace, all at the ends of four strings and a set of handles.   You realize then that even your everyday world has been changed in a New York Minute.

    The New York Minute from Revolution Kites is the highest performance Revolution kite ever produced.   As with all Revolution kites, the New York Minute is built right here in the U.S.A. with the highest quality materials including Ripstop Polyester sails and each full package comes framed with Revolutions Highest Performing "hand-wrapped" carbon fiber frame.   The New York Minute is produced with features that were only available on custom PRO models such as folded and stitched leading edge ends to eliminate fraying and excessive leading edge wear, extra stitching & finishing along the wings and trailing edge for increased performance and smoother hovering, and increased panel layouts for less deformation of the sail over time (stretching).   The triple vertical panel layout also increases sail loading and wind "channeling" over any other Revolution model.   A wide variety of color options plus an integrated venting design gives the New York Minute a uniform color layout for all the different venting options.

    The New York Minutes comes in four sail configurations:

    • Standard sail: No venting, light to medium winds, 3-14 mph.
    • Single vent: 20% venting, perfect for bumpy winds, 8-18 mph.
    • Double vent: 42% venting (9% more venting than the old mid-vent B-Series), 12-25 mph.
    • Triple vent: 70% venting (nearly as much venting as the extra vent pro), 22+ mph.

    Available in a variety of colors, call for special framing and packaging options to fit your personal needs.

    Kite ONLY option includes the sail with bridle, Frame and storage sleeve ONLY. No other accessories are included.

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