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Revolution Race Rods
Revolution Race Rods
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    Price: $0.00
    Shipping Weight: 0.20 pounds
    Select Rod:
    Center Race Rod $19.95
    End / Vertical Race Rod $19.95
    Complete Frame Set $92.50
    Save $7.45

    Revolution has introduced the next generation of carbon rods. These new rods are called "Race Rods" and they are specifically designed to fit into the Revolution 1.5 SLE kite.

    These rods are made of a special type of Carbon Fiber that is lighter and stronger than the carbon fiber currently being used in the standard production rods. The cost of this new material is quite a bit more than the cost of the currently used material but has shown to give that added advantage for the advanced Revolution pilots.

    The "Race Rods" have all the strength of the current production 3 Wrap "Ultra Light" rods but only weight about as much as the 2 wrap "Professional Use Only" rods.
    This is awesome for pilots who are looking for the ultimate in light wind flying but are also stuck flying in areas that experience sudden gusts and wind shifts. The "Race Rods" will lighten up your 1.5 SLE for those light wind days but still work perfectly for flying in the stronger winds.

    Team I-Quad now carries these rods for all of their team kites.


    1/4 inch 3 wrap rods (Ultra Light) 19 grams
    1/4 inch 2 Wrap SUL (Professional Use Only) 13.5 grams
    Race Rods 12.5 grams

    Order a set for your 1.5 SLE today and get the ultimate performance for the ultimate kite!
    A complete frame consists of 1 Center Rod and 4 Leading Edge End's/Vertical rods.

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