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Revolution Supersonic
Revolution Supersonic
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    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
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    Revolution Supersonic
    Agility With A Little Less Pull!
    The lighter, more forgiving of the Speed Series, the Supersonic is on par with the Shockwave in speed, agility, precision, and all around outstanding performance.   With somewhat reduced pull and easier maneuverability, the Supersonic can readily contend with all wind conditions.   The 90" wingspan (7 1/2 feet) and overall weight of only 10 ounces the SuperSonic can perform in a wind range of 4 to 20 mph.

    The speed is awesome, the Supersonic has been clocked flying over 70 mph maintaining total controllability and flies in reverse as fast as the 1.5 SLE flies forwards!

    If you are a speed enthusiast with great wind conditions and the ultimate thirst for speed, the Supersonic will quench your thirst and give you back some change!
    The Revolution Supersonic comes complete with kite, Bag,
    Laser Pro lines, Stainless Steel Ultra Light handles, and a professional Training Video.


    Colors may change without notice
    Colors may vary slightly from pictures shown.

    Skill: Intermediate To Expert
    Wind: 4 - 20 mph
    Leading edge length: 90"
    Height: 22"
    Weight: 10 oz.
    Structure: Advantage graphite
    SLE Ultra-light.

    Line: Laser Pro Gold
    150 lb., 85ft.

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