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Flying Wings - Silver Fox 2.3 & 2.3 UL
Flying Wings - Silver Fox 2.3 & 2.3 UL
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    Price: $164.95
    Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
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    Silver Fox Slide Show
    The Silver Fox Series
    from Flying Wings

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    Name: Silver Fox
    Model: 2.3 Standard
    New Dynamic 15, T18
    Sail: Ventex Polyester & Mylar
    Bridle: 3 point & Turbo
    90" - 7' 6"
    Skill: Intermediate to
    Wind Range:

    4-20 mph

    Our Price:


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    Designed by Bell Chiu of Flying Box Studio (the Acrobatx designer) the Silver Fox series features sails of Ventex Polyester, framing of Dynamic Wrapped Carbon rods, pre-installed weights and ballast and yo-yo stoppers.   Pretty much everything a professional kite pilot looks for in a modern sport kite!

    The Silver Fox series of professional sport kites features the Turbo Beads System bridle (TBS). This unique bridle bead system lets you easily change your kites bridle settings to either a 3 point or turbo bridle setup.   Use 3 point mode for more Precision Flying, team, or low wind flying.   Switch to Turbo Mode for Trick Flying and individual or high wind flying.   You can easily and quickly change your bridle on your kite by simply attaching the bridle connection points to the same color marked beads already on the kite.

    All reviews hail the new Silver Fox series as the next best kite to hit the market.
    First few reports:

    Silver Fox Review
    Well done & thought out re-enforcements in Mylar and Dacron address every weakness bemoaned on some Sport Kites with a well done solution.   One thing not previously mentioned is the covered stand-off attachments on the sail, these along with the covered upper and lower spreader connectors, no snag nose, capped LE tension line & knocks, plus the center outhaul line serves also to keep the bridle from snagging on the tail, you‚€™ll be hard pressed to snag a line on anything but the yo-yo stoppers, which BTW are a harder plastic like material and shouldn‚€™t get cut into like the rubber APA‚€™s.

    The kite comes with a very "Blue Moon" (style) tail weight system and center pull leach line tensioning, nice features, and the tensioning system has the addition of a bungee cord making tensioning a snap and it should retain proper tension even if you Lawn Dart it and pop the Velcro, very well done.

    The beads on the bridle sort of turned me off at first glance, but they‚€™re color coded and with the included instructions and diagrams it sure makes understanding the available adjustments and modifications a breeze.   The bridle construction is first rate and includes a (extended) leader line, it uses a Spectra over Spectra line with very tight braiding, a nice stiffness and enough friction to hold knots and adjustments, although all adjustments are made simply by moving larksheads from one bead or knot to another.   The instructions also come with a complete parts list and diagrams; only the bridle seems to be missing from the available replacement parts.
    "I have already logged about 16 hours on my 2.5 Silver Fox UL, and I feel it's time to throw something out for the masses.   This review is based on 0-6 mph.
    The kite is very solid.   It's nice and slow and there is a good amount of solid positive feel.   It will fly with some effort in 0-2 mph wind, but it's not worth it (to me).   It does start to come alive at 2mph, at this point the kite becomes very easy to fly with little to no movement.   Basic flight using both bridle set ups (Turbo vs. 3 Point) are both solid and precise.   There is a slight difference in feel between the two different settings, but overall it's an input difference, the 3 point produces more pull and feedback, whereas the Turbo setting makes easier backspins and lazies, but more of that later.   The Turning radius is larger than expected but then again there is only oversteer when you force it to, and even then it is non existent.   One surprising thing about this kite is that the flight behavior was the same throughout the 0 - 6 I was coping with.   Tricks wise it does it all pretty easily.

    Overall the kite is a screaming deal.   Alot of the minor nuances this kite has stock should prove easy to tune out with flight time and you still have a strong UL for those light wind days."

    The Silver Fox is another winning design from Flying Wings.   Get yours today and see what a professinoally designed stunt kite is all about.
    Colors for the Silver Fox 2.3 Standard & UL

    Silver Fox Standard Colors
    Standard Colors
    Blue / Gray
    Purple / Gray

    UL Colors
    Yellow / Lt. Gray
    Gray / Lt. Gray
    Silver Fox Video
    22.2 Meg
    Streaming Video, opens in a new window. You may need to turn off any pop-up blockers to view.
    Click title to play
    Please note that these colors are provided for informative purposes only and are not guaranteed to be exact.   This is due to the limitations of your computer monitor and a whole bunch of other complicating factors along the way.

    Because of production runs, not all colors will be available at all times.   A Wind Of Change Kites will do our best to make sure you get the color you order but we may have to substitute your preferred color for another one if your requested color is not being produced at that time.   We will make every attempt to contact you and inform you if your selected color is not available and we will let you know what colors are currently being produced.   We thank you for your understanding on this matter.

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